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The 'moment' is a small part of time, which has been especially granted to us, to shape our own past and future into what we would like it to become.
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Updated on Mar 06, 2004 05:48 PM IST
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PTI | By Veena Minocha

Lao Tzu, the Chinese sage has said that we should let go of the ideas of 'days' and 'hours' in order to pay more attention to the moment. For when the moment has gone, it becomes our past, and the seeds of our future are sown in that moment also.

What is the 'moment'? The Moment is a small part of time, which has been especially granted to us, to shape our own past and future into what we would like it to become. Would we want a past, where we have so many missed opportunities to do what should have been done? Must we create a past that is full of negative feelings, or would we like it to be a basket of freshly inspired moments, filled with the love and laughter of souls brought together in time?

When we focus on the small things that are required to be done, at that moment, it does not mean that we are thinking 'small'. For what we are doing is setting the pace for the future to unfold into a successful kaleidoscope of what we truly desire.

For each step we take will ultimately form a colourful thread in the tapestry of our designs and dreams. We also manage to avoid larger calamities when we take care of ourselves and our dreams in the moment. Over-anxiety about every little thing is not really required in our lives, for that makes us joyless, worrying creatures, who can never be peaceful enough to enjoy what every moment can offer.

The Now Age spiritual knows that, just as the glory and splendour of the sun is made up of millions of little sparks of light, pouring forth as rays, to light up and nurture the sentient world, so every life is also made up of billions of precious moments. What we do with those treasured moments shapes the purpose and designs the life we lead.

In doing so we create magic and miracles for ourselves. When we savour a moment of celebration, a moment of tear filled sympathy for another, a moment of helping another rebalance himself when life has floored him into the dust, when we love and forgive instead of recriminating, when we feel humbled by our mistakes, we are learning to create a life filled with beautiful moment to be treasured.

For as it is said, people will not remember what you did for them, they may forget what you said to them, but if you have made them feel special in some way, that is the moment both of you will hold dear forever.

Sometimes you cannot always see the consequences of your actions, but when you think and act from the highest point of love and wisdom within yourself, you have given your hundred percent to make your life a collection of the most gorgeous memories.

You are the Creator of every moment of your life. Would you like to make each moment matter enough to contain a memorable past and a fun filled future?

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