Masterminding collective consciousness

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 04, 2004 01:44 PM IST

"Can you change the weather? Oh yes! In the area that is being considered and being meditated on - the weather will simply change there."

This is the most fascinating process that was ever discovered by spiritualists. It is definitely not a new thought, but was previously known to, and kept a well-guarded secret, of a few adepts. Today, the whole secret is out! We can all learn this amazingly simple process to guide our lives into Divine Power, simply by masterminding all that happens around us.

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We all know by now that the Earth has a Divine consciousness, just as we humans do. When we are in synchronicity with that consciousness, when we deliberately, with powerful intent, project our consciousness into the Earth, then life-changing events can be manifested.

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Consciousness can change the physical reality, when it impresses itself with power into its surroundings. All that is required is to charge our emotional bodies with it, and project those vibrations powerfully into what we require.

Kryon says in one of his channellings by Lee Carroll:
"Just a room full of people vibrating at a high level, which you call the Ascension status, having given intent, can change what happens in your area. It can change something profound with potential, into something small, just by the intent of the consciousness, because Gaia will respond. Gaia is a part of you, like the heartbeat is a part of you! Here's how it works. There has to be what we call the 'front liners', (that is people from that region) and then there has to be a support group behind them. The front liners are the lightworkers who have chosen to be at the point where it actually happens. These are the lightworkers that say, "I own my spirituality, and I know my piece of Divinity, and therefore I know where I belong, so I am going to anchor my area with my energy. I am going to stay there and live there and call it my home. I am going to send a shaft of Light into the center of the Earth to balance the planet."

These are the front-liners, the ones that are called to the areas to live right at the focus of where the changes are predicted - knowing full well that their consciousness is an anchor, but that they have support as well.

"Let me tell you of the anchor. It has a chain. And that chain, figuratively is connected to all the thousands of lightworkers that are going to give this anchor power by giving it the energy of INTENT.

Some of you have been doing this, and I'm telling you it works! Can you change the weather? Oh yes! In the area that is anchored in, that is being considered and being meditated on - the weather will simply change there. See, Gaia responds to the energy of the Human, and the Human Group!"

Next week we shall learn some more applications of such masterminding of energies of the collective consciousness!

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