Momentary enthusiasm

Dipankar Gupta in The spine that holds up (October 14) seems to reflect a national trait when talking about Gandhian values and Gandhigiri.
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Published on Oct 21, 2006 01:30 AM IST
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Momentary enthusiasm

Dipankar Gupta in The spine that holds up (October 14) seems to reflect a national trait when talking about Gandhian values and Gandhigiri. There is a sudden upsurge over Gandhism. But then soon the enthusiasm fades. We went through something similar when Rang De Basanti was released. No one is talking about it anymore. We should ensure that enthusiasm for positive change is sustained.

Vipul Kumar

No mercy

Ajit Bhattacharjea finds fault with the Supreme Court verdict in the Afzal Guru case (Intelligent design, October 13) on the basis of the miscarriage of justice in another case, where the charges were admittedly flimsy. There is no doubt that intelligence outfits are not made up of angels and are not infallible. But, the clamour for clemency for Afzal is misplaced.

VT Joshi


Afzal Guru should not get clemency as the attack was on  the Indian State. The world community should take serious note of this. Clemency for Mohammad Afzal will also send the wrong message to our armed forces who are sacrificing their lives for the country.

Santosh Bharati
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Farooq Abdullah has opposed the death sentence to Mohammad Afzal and said hanging Afzal may create turmoil and the judge who sentenced him may be killed. It is a shame if we are unable even to protect a judge.

Brijesh Kumar
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I am coming to realise that the judges are also human beings and can make mistakes. The case of Afzal Guru falls in this category. Also, the role of the Special Task Force is to be investigated. Afzal has to be given a defence lawyer and there should be a retrial of the case before he is sent to the gallows.

Aboobakar Thwahir

Mismanagement in defence

Manoj Joshi must be complimented for his insightful article on the DRDO (If wishes were horses..., October 19). He has highlighted the gap between promise and performance. However, since ruthlessness is not the defining criterion of our governance, I suggest that the DRDO and defence production be placed under the three Services, which should be made responsible for running them. After all, the Services are the end users of their products.

Ajit Kumar


Kudos to Manoj Joshi for exposing the weakness in our defence deals, DRDO and defence production. Crores of rupees have been spent on false promises. Also, there is a long list of guilty people. I had occasion to witness the callous attitude of top bureaucracy whenever their attention was drawn to the huge wastage of money by the DRDO. It is time to expose all.

Devendra Narain
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Justice for Mattoo

The judgment in the Priyadarshini Mattoo case has reinforced the belief of many in the justice delivery system of the country. However, for the judgment to have a ripple effect, it is important that the Delhi High Court’s observations against erring police officials are taken seriously by the government and the guilty police officials brought to book.

Monika Saroha


The Priyadarshini case has shown that perseverance pays and that the public/media outcry can make a difference in the pace of a trial. Though ‘justice has finally been delivered’, but one can say so only when Santosh Singh is in jail. Let’s hope Vikas Yadav and Manu Sharma too are awarded similar verdicts.

KP Rajan

Barak is best

Undoubtedly Barak is about the best missile in its class. A score of 10 successes out of 12 missiles fired, or rather 11 ignoring human error, give it a score in excess of 90 per cent. Weapons must be inducted on the basis of their performance, irrespective of kickbacks and commissions.

Raghubir Singh

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