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Movie on Scarlett Keeling to release in Dec

Director Prabhakar Shukla has begun work on the yet to be titled big budget film that is scheduled for a December release and might star Katrina Kaif.
PTI | By Sabi Hussain, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 19, 2008 05:44 PM IST

The travails of British teenager Scarlett Keeling, who was raped and murdered in Goa recently, will be soon on celluloid.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is expected to play Scarlett in the film.Director Prabhakar Shukla has begun work on for the yet to be titled big budget film that is scheduled for a December release.

"I have already started pre-production work and Katrina Kaif is on top of my wish list to play the the lead character of Scarlett. I am already in talks with her," says the director .

"The movie will go on floor by July and would be completed by December this year or January next year. One of the big star of Bollywood will play the male lead. I am still finalising the crew and cast of the movie and will soon make announcement related to this. This will be a big budget movie," says Shukla.

"When I came to know about this incident, I felt bad as why tourists in our country were targeted? Why this has happened to her? Why she was killed? After some research, I decided to make a movie on this issue."

"My film is going to speak against drug abuse and exploitation prevalent in our society. It will highlight the problem of drugs among youths today, which is spoiling their life, I just want them to learn something from it," says the director.

Shukla is also set to visit 15-year-old Scarlett's mother Fiona Mckeown in UK next month to clear her doubts regarding the improper portrayal of her daughter's life in his forthcoming film.

"I have full sympathy with her mother and will go to UK next month to narrate Scarlett's character in the film. My film will portray her in a very positive manner," Shukla said.

The director says that his aim is to bring out the negative impact of drug abuse on youths' life and he has no desire to sensationalise the story.

"I will not sensationalise the issue and I believe that it was not Scarlett's mistake. The film will represent both side of the story i.E., version by Scarlett's mother and that of police and CBI," he says.

Shukla had earlier made the much controversial film Kahani Gudiya Ki, based on the true story of a young Muslim girl, who was unwittingly the wife of two men.

She had remarried under the presumption that her first husband, a serving armyman was killed in battle, who later resurfaced.

Shukla had received threatening calls and demonstrations by some religious groups were carried out after the release of film.

"My projects always invite controversies. That was my homage to Gudiya, but I don't think this time, there would be any controversy. Films are the mirror of the society and real stories are my choice," says Shukla.

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