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Moving into meditation- II

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
Aug 05, 2004 05:18 PM IST

Our mind does not imbibe anything when we are engrossed in any activity. This is the alpha state of mind.

When you are absorbed in a good book (or a television show, or a film) you are probably in alpha state of mind. At this stage nothing that is happening around you seems to penetrate your consciousness, so absorbed are you in the moment. And, as I already mentioned, alpha is often associated with what is known as "superlearning"-the ability to learn, process, store and recall large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. That is why you can easily relate the story of the book or the film, that you watched, in graphic detail.

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The slower stage are theta waves. Theta is best known as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep, but it is also associated with a number of other beneficial states, including increased creativity, some kinds of super learning, increased memory abilities, and what are called integrative experiences (in which we make broadly-based positive changes in the way we see ourselves, others, or a certain life situation).

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This is the state of mind when the left brain becomes restful, and ceases to interfere with your right brain intuitive processing of any problem. That is also why, during this stage we get answers to nerve wracking problems suddenly appear as simple workable ideas. Putting ourselves into this state increases the effectiveness of our thinking process, and this is also why wise and learned people advise that we ‘sleep over’ difficult problems to arrive at the right solutions.

To top it all, theta is also a state of enormous stress relief. In the slower theta brain wave pattern, the brain produces a lot of ‘endorphins’ that just dissolve all stress patterns, leaving you refreshed and happy.

The slowest brain wave pattern is delta, the brain wave pattern of dreamless sleep, which we can reach after going through the first two stages. Generally people are asleep in delta, but yogis and sages admit that it is possible to remain alert in this state - a very deep, trance-like, non-physical state. This is the state that yogis go into, a state of conscious yogic sleep awareness, where the physical mind has stopped thinking at all, but is focused into the Universal Energies so deeply, that there is an attunement, or a oneness between the two wave forms and vibrational aspects.

Many diseases associated with normal ageing disappear during this stage. That is why we find  sages, who are almost a hundred years old, look ever young and bright. During this stage the pituitary gland and the pineal glands release anti ageing hormones, which further accelerate the youthing process.

This is the stage of Moving into Deep Meditation. The benefits are obvious, as we learn to conquer linear-time related thoughts, and expand our vibrational harmonies to resonate with that of God, we instill a balance, an fountain of youthfulness, vibrancy, and energy, that we could never have hoped for in the ‘old energies’!

To be continued…..

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