Musharraf's book too expensive!

Priced at Rs 1,295, Musharraf's book In Line of Fire is too expensive for the average people of Pakistan.

india Updated: Sep 26, 2006 16:10 IST

Priced at Rs 1,295 and even with all the media hype, President Pervez Musharraf's book In Line of Fire is too expensive for the average people of Pakistan.

Many book readers have termed the price high, NNI news agency reported, adding that the book, launched by Musharraf on Monday in New York, was available at different bookstores in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

"However, most of the booksellers are satisfied with its sale as copies were booked by many customers in advance," The Nation newspaper reported Tuesday.

According to The News International, Musharraf has reportedly received an advance of somewhere between $1 million and $3 million for the book.

American publisher Simon & Schuster has priced the book at $28. But America's largest book retailer Barnes and Noble has offered a discount, making the book cheaper at $22. At some places, it is likely to be sold at $16.

While critics in the US and in Pakistan have found fault with the way Musharraf is plugging his own book, using even the meeting with US President George W Bush for it, the media accompanying him on the US visit says that he could not have chosen a better timing and place to pull off this landmark in publishing the history of a third world head of state.

Musharraf has himself said that the book is all about governing Pakistan, which has always been difficult and, more so, after 9/11.

But the American publisher and CBS TV network that is linked to it said: "Musharraf did not wait until his retirement to write his memoirs because, according to CBS, in his case "there are no guarantees that he will live long enough to have one (retirement)".

The News international quoted CBS as saying: "Musharraf knows his future is not likely to be decided by popular opinion. His immediate predecessors have been exiled, imprisoned or died under mysterious circumstances..."

First Published: Sep 26, 2006 13:47 IST