Mysticism & Creativity mark the Piscean's year
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Mysticism & Creativity mark the Piscean's year

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for the Pisceans!

india Updated: Jan 26, 2004 13:42 IST
Ma Prem Usha
Ma Prem Usha

'The Moon' in the Tarot pack symbolises the Pisces sun-sign and expresses the qualities of voluntary change, mysticism, creativity, past life patterns, emotion and sensitivity, which the Pisces person is blessed with. Pisceans swim in deep waters or the depths of emotion and are often at the brink of change.

Get rid of clutter
You maintain health by consulting fitness experts, joining a gym and following routines and diets this year. If there is a health problem consult a specialist. You make a residential move or buy property after much thought. You are a perfectionist and don't enjoy others interfering with your routine.

Meditating in natural surroundings is therapeutic. Activities involving the skill of your hands can be healing. There is good luck attending material affairs, and an increase of wealth. Beware of theft or being conned by a charlatan. You integrate forces and combine good luck with good management skills.

It's a good time to clear clutter and get rid of dead weight, staff and ideas to make new beginnings. You travel, expand business around May-June and gain new opportunities using your gift of communication. Original styles, ethnic adaptation, handcrafting and embroidery enhance your wardrobe. Accessories and shades of purple, creamy whites and earthy browns find favour with you.

It pays to be patient
Mentally you draw trust and respect for your wisdom, honesty, sense of justice, and ability to guide others. You wield authority effectively and achieve compromise and peace in conflicts.

You invest in new business ventures and tie up loose ends. You are true to yourself with a penchant for systems and function best in an individual capacity. A legal judgment in your favour is on the cards around August-September.

Your potential is actualised this year, as you are original, creative and courageous. Systems are perfected and modernised leading to growth, efficiency and ease. When you feel burdened by work, share and delegate responsibility. Be patient, positive and wait for totality and clarity before making decisions. Listen to your heart and intuition. Interest in art, theatre, music or media is uplifting.

Be receptive, emotionally
Emotionally you are playful, open and receptive to new people, ideas and associations. You travel, meet wonderful people and establish lasting friendships. A mature, caring quality along with your gift of communication attracts people around you. You make a commitment and break through old emotional patterns around August-September.

Relationships are strengthened, feelings are expressed and promises fulfilled. Marriage is on the cards! Nine Cups full of happiness greet you with love and contentment. Your strength lies in remaining individualistic yet combining resources with your partner.

You spend quality time and the good things of life with family and friends. Only meaningful relationships and deep friendships survive while superficial associations fall apart. You play the role of the father figure by taking responsibility and care for people around you.

Solitude rejuvenates
Spiritually you spend time alone for introspection, meditation and rejuvenation of energy. You make decisions by listing your priorities and listening to your inner wisdom. You are true to yourself and face your own strength and weakness.

Nine Wands of Fire bring strength and power within, as well as, in partnerships. You are a tremendous force to reckon with. You are expansive, receptive and no longer cling to old patterns, fixations or addictions and venture forth with a new vision.

Change brings stability in all areas of life and you are inspired to take a courageous step. You discover the difference between 'aloneness', which is therapeutic, and 'loneliness', which is negative!

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First Published: Jan 11, 2004 13:00 IST