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'Oh! You realised it now, is it?'

Surfers snigger at US' newfound 'realisation' that Pak is hotbed of terror.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2006 13:38 IST

Terror is here to stay with us for a long time. Sad!

In the wake of aborted US-bound planes mid-air attack, we asked our surfers if America should concentrate more on Pakistan rather than Afghanistan in its fight against terror. We also ran a story on similar lines which talked of how USA was getting into the accusatory mode vis-a-vis Pakistan. This after it has been calling that country an important ally in its war against Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Here how it went - first on the question on US' shift of focus from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Rajagopal of New Delhi, India was in agreement with the presumption.

"There is no doubt that Pakistan has double standard about war on terror and also supports the terrorists by its ISI. And it is definitely a terrorist state in the world."

Mehta Raj Kumar from New Delhi, India saw it as a "prodigal son does not listen to the good advice of his father".

He felt it was only a matter of time before US understands its folly.

"There was a time when India used to complain about the nefarious activities of the Pakistan but the US administration never paid any attention to it. The American nation will understand sooner or later that what Pakistan is up to."

Ramesh of Sydney, Australia said, "USA should by now realise fully well that most of the terrorists are trained in Pakistan and operating in India and now in UK. The ISI and the Pakistani government are the main abetters. Till now US was sleeping with its eyes open. Now they will realise after Afghan experience that their policy backfires on them."

Dilip K Roy of Mumbai, India was also of the opinion that "Pakistan is a heaven for the terrorists who are getting direct support from the government to carry out the activities all over the world".

Sam of Folsom in the USA thought it was very insightful article!

"India knows clearly well that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism. Unfortunately the western countries, especially, USA, UK do not want to acknowledge it for their own selfish reason i.e. losing Musharraf's 'so-called' cooperation.

As you sow, so you reap - ultimately the evil that Pakistan harbours is going to consume itself and would require an Afghan like intervention. Pakistan is going to disintegrate on its own."

However, there was one voice that went on to fix some blame on US' policies in Middle East.

Sandeep from Vancouver, Canada said, "While its obvious that a lot of terror comes from Pakistan and has been for some time, it doesn't excuse the fact that American wars in Iraq and supporting Israel in the Middle East has made the world more dangerous and created many more jihadis."

Here's what we received to the article on Bush administration getting serious about Pakistan's involvement in terror activities.

R Singh of New Delhi, India put it rather clearly.

"The earlier Bush Administration understands that hub of all Islamic terrorism is not any other country, but their partner in fighting terrorism, Pakistan the better. Whether it is attack on Indian cities or American or British or any countries, its origin is in Pakistan. Some time it is Al Qaeda, at other time it is LeT or Jaish. They are different faces of the same coin."

Mohandas Rao of Mumbai, India said US has nursed a monster and is now facing the music.

"By being complacent and supportive of the so-called Kashmiri separatists, the western powers and Pakistan have nurtured the monster which is now so hungry it can reach the world.

All along India was the sole voice pointing to terrorist training camps in Pakistan and the complicity of the Pakistan's ISI in most of the killings and blasts in Kashmir and elsewhere in India.

Had the world disapproved of the means then there would have been no proliferation of terrorism.

This monster is like cancer. It spreads with poverty and religious fanaticism. Those who terrorise must believe that their cause is just. If Pakistan is the hot bed, UK has been the unwitting nurturer.

India is a chronic victim, not cared for by the world in the past, assuming it is all a reaction to India's unwillingness to settle the Kashmir dispute and the police response to contain 'insurgency' sponsored by Pakistan.

Now, what are the police doing in UK, USA and elsewhere? Suspecting everyone until proven innocent?"

Anurag from Mumbai said, "Why just blame Pakistan? UK is the base for terrorists. UK has allowed itself being run over by Pakistanis who should be sent back to Karachi or wherever they came from."

Sasimann said, "So finally the US is waking up to the realisation that Pakistan is the birthplace of terrorism and no amount of the so-called cooperation by Pakistan in combating terror will hide that fact.

The US should now focus on Pakistan and see that the training camps and covert support ends. A terrorist is a terrorist who will strike where there are opportunities and money to be made.

The sources of money from western countries should be first cut off and then from the Middle East. The UN should now act in checking the flow of funds."

Hope the western powers understand!

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Aug 15, 2006 12:53 IST