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One for the road

Are you tired of the daily dose of traffic snarls? Here's a way out of the mess: Colonise the roads.

india Updated: Aug 26, 2010 00:29 IST
Hindustan Times

For those of us trying to earn our daily bread and butter, being stuck in endless traffic jams is not exactly a piece of cake. So, for those railroaded daily, it may come as cold comfort that a traffic snarl in China has crossed the 10-day mark. People are living and eating, and presumably conducting other bodily functions from their cars. This gives us an idea. Given that housing is in such short supply in our metropolises, why don't we formalise the take-over of our roads as many of us protesting various indignities already have? Since many of us have already found suitable homes in monuments and footpaths, why not colonise the roads as well?

Now for some of us, this makes eminent sense given that we spend the best part of our day on the roads honking in a futile manner as more and more vehicles gum up the works. If we were positioned on the road, we could just wake up and leave for work or wherever we're going as soon as a gap opens up. This could actually create a new mobile economic order. The food vendors who keep getting shunted around by the Shiv Sena gourmets or by the Commonwealth Games demolition squad could find alternative employment on the roadsides catering to those trapped in their cars. Entertainment should not be such a problem as we can sit back and enjoy the elevating sight of our fellow citizens cussing and complaining. For the voyeuristic, this could prove an unending delight and could trigger off a whole new era of image exchanges.

But, be warned that such a life, when one does not have to meet niggly colleagues and revolting relatives, could grow on you. As your connections with the world outside diminish, you may never want to leave your asphalt abode even when you can. But we'll cross that pedestrian crossing when we come to it, which may be never. Meanwhile, the saying one for the road could acquire a new meaning altogether since you will be able to drink and not drive.

First Published: Aug 26, 2010 00:27 IST