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Only frills attached

Post the launch of multiple, new-age accessories, it is clear that phones are not the only gadgets that are getting smarter

india Updated: Jan 22, 2013 01:03 IST
Sneha Mahale

There are a range of accessories and devices available in the market, that would help you jazz up your phones. Last year, the smartphone accessories revenue was pegged at about $20 billion (Rs 1.7 lakh crore), and, that figure is expected to now grow. From interesting covers to new-age headphones, there is a big, thriving industry out there. We take a look at the top accessories and add-ons that can make your phone smarter. So ensure that you make the most of these good-looking, avant-garde and ultra cool fringe benefits.

Envent keypad
Though why anyone would go for a touchscreen if they wanted a keypad remains unclear, the popularity of this add-on is enough to shut us up. Connected via a bluetooth, you can now type away and make sure you have the best of both worlds — QWERTY and touch.
For: iPhone 4/4S
Cost: Rs 2,929

Dry Case
Beach bums, listen up! This accessory could help you avoid an accident the next time you take a dip. Drain the waterproof bag of air using a hand pump, and it vacuum seals around the phone, making it waterproof. Your phone will stay dry till a depth of 100 feet, even allowing you to take crystal clear pictures through it.
for: All smartphones
cost: Rs2,699 (

Angry Birds mini speakers
While we wouldn’t want to run
into any of these Angry Birds in real life, the palm-sized speakers fit in your pocket and can accompany you wherever you go. Just plug and play.
For: Android and iPhones
Cost: Rs 2,290 ( )

Jabra Stone 2
This device lets you answer or reject calls using your voice (say ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’), enjoy exceptional call quality, charge on the go and stream music, podcasts or GPS directions. Do you really need more reasons?
For: Most smartphones
Cost: R6,981 (

Cobra Tag

Are you worried about leaving your beloved phone at work? If yes, invest in a Cobra Tag. A sensor is attached to your keys, which connects with the phone’s free app via bluetooth and helps you locate your smartphone by
making it ring.
For: All smartphones
Cost: Rs 2,400 (

Mophie juice pack
Why should Apple have all the fun? With one of the thinnest cases in the market, this juice pack houses a rechargeable
battery that virtually doubles your time to rock, talk, surf and send.
For: Samsung Galaxy S III
Cost: Rs 5,300 (

The universal portable USB charger
Charging the phone is a necessity, but what happens when you travel to remote locations? An ideal companion by Nokia, this compact device has a standby time of three months and supports several devices.
For: Any phone that supports USB charging
Cost: Rs 1,375 (

The wireless charging pillow
This a real futuristic device. This latest collaboration between Nokia and Fatboy means you can place your phone on a pillow
to start charging without even having to use a jack.
For: Nokia 920
Cost: Rs 5,499 (