Our hopes have died with Ajit: Janhavi

Janhavi's eyes well up as she remembers life with Ajit and wonders how she will support her five-month-old son and aged mother-in-law.

india Updated: Aug 07, 2006 15:23 IST
Megha Sood

Fourteen months after her wedding, Janhavi Pangle (28) is now a widow. Her husband Ajit (31) was killed in the Matunga train blast on 11/7.

Her eyes well up as she remembers life with Ajit and wonders how she will support her five-month-old son, Sohan, and aged mother-in-law.

Ajit worked as a peon at MTNL’s Dadar branch. His father’s death when Ajit was still a boy, left him to support his mother and three siblings, including two younger sisters.

Now, younger brother Abhijeet, an SSC pass, will have to take over.

Ajit always ensured the family was well provided for, says his grief-stricken mother. "Ajit had taken huge loans for his sisters’ marriages, which he was repaying. It was only because of him that my daughters are married," she said.

Janhavi is an HSC-pass. She has never worked before.

"We were staying in a chawl in Malad, which was demolished, as it was an illegal structure. We had no place to stay and Ajit only recently managed to buy a house with a company loan," said younger brother Abhijeet (23).

"My son had just begun living his life. After his son was born he was really content with life. After returning from work, he would spend all his time playing with Sohan," said Ajit’s mother.

Janhavi’s frail health, post-childbirth, and her mother-in-law’s frequent illnesses do not permit her to work out side the home but she plans to take up a railway job after her son is a little older.

"MTNL is not at all willing to give us any concession. We have received a notice from the company to pay the rest of the home loan," Abhijeet said.

"As long as my brother was alive, we had no worries. But now I will step out and shoulder his responsibilities," he added.


Abhijeet Pangle

Matriculate pass. He has worked with MTNL in the cellphone recovery department. He is currently unemployed. What Abhijeet needs: A job of an office boy or peon.

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First Published: Aug 07, 2006 15:23 IST