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Parentage has no part in this

This is in reference to the report I wonder how Muthalik’s mother raised him (February 9).

india Updated: Feb 11, 2009 23:06 IST
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Parentage has no part in this
This is in reference to the report I wonder how Muthalik’s mother raised him (February 9). While Union Minister Renuka Chowdhury’s condemnation of the Sri Rama Sene leader’s attack on the Mangalore pub is understandable, is it fair on her part to drag Muthalik’s mother into the controversy? By the same token, will Chowdhury’s critics be justified in bringing her own mother into the picture by raising a similar question on her own upbringing because of her being so combative, arrogant and judgemental?
M Ratan, Delhi

Here comes the sun, maybe?
N Chandra Mohan in Going up in smoke (February 10), rightly says that the economic depression has resulted in a decline in employment. It appears that the only casualty in this recession is the life of the complacent working class. The happy winter sun could not give them any clue about the avalanche under which the file of new recruitments is trapped. As frustration levels seem at an all-time high, here comes their last attempt at optimism. Hopefully, the sun will warm their life and some good Samaritan will employ them.
Divya Babbar, via email

A lifestyle less accepted
With reference to Sagarika Ghose’s article What lies beneath (Bloody Mary, February 11), the Indian tendency to ape everything Western — girls visiting pubs and people celebrating Valentine’s Day — shows a lack of confidence in ourselves and Indian culture. This lifestyle is not fully accepted in our society. Violence by organisations like the Sri Rama Sene and others in response to such occurrences must be condemned in the strongest possible words. Although their sentiments may be shared by some, their means are not.
Chintan Puri, Faridabad

A reversal of fortunes
Syed Ubaidur Rehman in Stranger than factions (February 10), points out that the Mulayam-Kalyan alliance has taken political opportunism to another level. The association of the socialists with Kalyan Singh, the choreographer of the Babri masjid destruction, illustrates modern politics. Mulayam Singh’s memory is remarkable. While in 1991 he held Kalyan Singh responsible, now for reasons of political expediency, has absolved him of guilt. It is ironic that Kalyan Singh still holds himself responsible now that Mulayam Singh, for his petty interest, thinks otherwise.
Suriender Shah, Delhi

When in doubt, cave in
With reference to the report Pak ducks and weaves (February 10), India has only itself to blame for the pitiable condition it finds itself in today. It is a shame that the UPA government is dithering in its response to the 26/11 Mumbai carnage aimed at challenging the very idea of a resurgent India. The ‘blow hot, blow cold’ diplomacy against Pakistan and the kid-glove treatment of its protégés in Kashmir have only reassured the jihadis’ of our pusillanimity. A section of the media and a tribe of peaceniks are also responsible for our vulnerability.
Lalit Ambardar, Delhi

Not all in the same mould
Soumitro Das in Midnight’s stepchildren (February 10), by comparing a devout Muslim with an extremist Muslim and the Thackeray-Modi duo, has ended up doing some undesirable things. He has alluded to the possibility that devout Muslims are the extreme element among Muslims, a totally baseless allegation. His suggestion that a devout Muslim believes in the subjugation of the other while trying to rule is misplaced and condemnable. While Das is free to harbour his beliefs and biases, and is free to express these, printing such language is not expected from a leading daily like Hindustan Times.
Tanweer Alam, via email

Age will raise the bar here
I do not agree with the editorial Hanging on to past participles (Our Take, February 10),that states the election campaign is old wine in old bottles. Although the BJP may have rekindled the Ram mandir issue for a lack of ideas, the Congress at least, thanks to Rahul Gandhi, has started speaking about fielding young candidates. Its implementation remains to be seen but, if it is carried through, the party will do itself and the country a lot of good.
Bal Govind, Noida