PART II: Cupid in the cubicle?

I am back after a week's gap! And the flood of feedback I've received hints that all of you have been thinking about romance at workplace, writes Poonam Sharma.

india Updated: Jun 12, 2006 17:10 IST

Part II

I am back after a week's gap! And the flood of feedback I've received hints that all of you have been thinking about workplace romance...interesting.

Anyways, so now I will unveil rest of the cases that I came across.

# Howcolleagues use you...
I wonder if office romance is good for everybody. Well, I would have said a big YES if I wouldn't have known Nikhil. A very intelligent, no-nonsense kind of a person who thinks it is a crime to waste office time by having tea brakes and indulging in cooler talks (gossip sessions). But, never says never. He too was bitten by the love bug despitehis best efforts to ignore it. Anjum, a very beautiful girl joined our office for some training and Nikhil was suppose to guide her in her training project. He was simply not aware when and how it happened but he soon found himself drowning in love. For sometime he tried to hide his feelings but as you know actions and expressions speak louder than words. Finally, Nikhil had to succumb to his feelings that he is crazy about Anjum. So, on the last day when Anjum's project was complete, he confessed his love for her but to her surprise she simply refused to acknowledge his feelings. She said she didn't have any idea about how he felt for her. While Nikhil feels he had given enough hints and was taking her silence as her acceptance for his love, her clear denial really broke him. He felt cheated. He felt she used her to get his project done and she was quiet just to get her work done as every one knows that Nikhil is quite an efficient worker and if he will complete her project, she will definitely score good marks. While Anjumhad all together a different story to tell. No one know the truth. Anjali left office but whole episode made Nikhil a very bitter person.

# Love thy colleague? Admit it then!
Shweta joined office around two years back and instantly got attracted to Anirudh. "Do you believe in love at first sight," she would ask me daily. And my answer of "Yes, I do" would bring a 360 watt smile on her flawless face. It always confused me how my believing in love at first sight makes her happy. However, the mystery didn't remain unfolded for long. It soon became talk of town that Anirudh and Shweta were dating each other. And what more? Before the gossip mongers could target them, the couple acknowledged their relation publicly. I used to wonder if this romance will turn even serious or will it just be an office fling? But now, it's more than a year and they are still going strong. In fact, the other day I heard the pleasant news that they are getting married in this October. A perfect example of how to handle your love-life if your partner is your colleague too.

Well, there are both pros and cons to cubicle romance. While some take as a short cut to success, others find it as a healthy way to find a partner. However, I strongly believe that there is no such thing as RIGHT or WRONG. The thing which seems right to me may seem wrong to another person. I think the point where most of us will agree is that having fun seems is alright till the time it's not at the cost of someone else...



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First Published: Jun 09, 2006 13:37 IST