PM helpless, weakest, reiterates BJP

Manmohan had earlier said that whether he was the weakest or not should be judged by his actions.

india Updated: Feb 03, 2006 02:36 IST

BJP President Rajnath Singh has termed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as "helpless" and has charged him with targeting Leader of Opposition LK Advani "to justify his own weakness".

Claiming that the Prime Minister's Office had written nine letters to UPA Ministers in the last 14 months asking them not to bypass the PMO, he read out a letter written by Manmohan Singh's Principal SecretaryTKA Nair asking ministries to give prior intimation about major policy decisions at least three days in advance.

"We pity his helplessness. It is not an exaggeration to say he is the weakest Prime Minister", Singh said.

"The Prime Minister is trying to justify his own weakness by attacking Advani. Advani was not weak and had announced his plans to step down earlier," Singh said when asked about the Prime Minister's remarks at the press conference on Wednesday.

Rejecting Advani's charge that he was the 'weakest' Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh had said, "whether I am the weakest Prime Minister or not should be judged by my actions. I am not a leader of a political party like Advani was. How strong was Advani? He went to Karachi and paid homage at the Mazar of Jinnah. RSS did not like it, and now see where has he landed as a result of that".

First Published: Feb 02, 2006 20:58 IST