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Priyanka turns a red head

Priyanka Chopra gets a new red hot look for beau Harman Baweja's sci-fi flick Love Story 2050. Minakshi Saini tells more.
Hindustan Times | By Minakshi Saini, New Delhi
UPDATED ON APR 21, 2008 11:42 AM IST

Imagine Priyanka Chopra as a redhead. Actually you don’t need to imagine, you'll soon be seeing her with lustrous red locks in the promos for the sci-fi film

Love Story 2050

. Or… just look left.

The look is the brainchild of director Harry Baweja, make-up maestro Mickey Contractor and hair stylist Thea.

“It took us six months to zero in on the final look. Basically the brief was to give her something that people could imagine and relate to in the future,” says director Baweja.

Fast forward

According to Baweja, the biggest challenge about coming up with Priyanka’s futuristic look was to predict fashion trends 40 years in advance, and match those trends to the essence of the character and interest of the viewers.

“Our prime concern was to avoid characters who resembled aliens or looked as if they’d landed from Star Trek,” laughs Baweja. And no, the red hair is not a wig, says Rowena Baweja, sister of the hero Harman Baweja and member of the movie’s production team.

“Priyanka actually coloured her hair twice, once red and then black. (She plays two different characters; yes, you guessed right, she’s raven-haired in one avatar and a redhead in the other.) Hats off to her bravery.”

Bravery? Rowena clarifies, “Indian girls are hugely attached to their hair yet Priyanka didn’t once question taking this step. That was really touching.”

Especially as she becomes the first actress in Bollywood to go red for a role. The crew loved her as a redhead and there’s little doubt that fans will follow suit.

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