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Real Estate: Rapidfire

Real Estate: Rapidfire
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2008 12:23 AM IST

What makes someone successful?

Hard work, honesty, and just plain good luck (joking). No. I guess success is different for different people. For me success would mean being happy emotionally and financially. So, for me, what makes someone a success is being honest to your job and family and having the will to work hard on your professional and personal life.

What's the one thing you will never do?
I guess the one thing I will never do is leave the real estate business (joking again). The one thing I would not do is to throw away what life has given me.

If you weren't a property consultant what would you be?
Politician. As much money can be made.

What is your biggest achievement?
My wife.

How important is money to you?
As important as the monsoon is to Mumbai.

What did you do last night?
After a long time slept at 10.30 pm.

Favourite bar?
The Ghetto at Breach Candy

Gin and Tonic or rum and coke?
Rum and coke.

Favourite brand of vodka/whisky.
Absolute pepper.

Favourite car
Currently my favourite is the Maruti 800 (joking). I am not a car person so the car I would like to own right now is a Honda City. Otherwise any BMW.

Yoga or tai chi?

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