Reality strikes Shilpa?s mom

Mama Shetty is on the lookout for a suitable British Indian groom. Vijay Dutt tells us about the match.

india Updated: Feb 03, 2007 20:05 IST
Vijay Dutt

It'sa fairytale that began in Bollywood and ended in Britain. Reality TV's newest and brightest star, Shilpa Shetty, is rolling in millions, a cool £10 million to be exact, sources close to her say.

And since the country has been so good to Shilpa, Mama Shetty is already on the lookout for a suitable British Indian son-in-law.

“Sunanda has flown over with the express purpose of finding Shilpa a suitable husband, someone who is very wealthy and of Indian descent, someone who will seal the family's future wealth. Sunanda is of the opinion that Shilpa has already left it till too late and must act fast to capitalise on her appeal if she wants to find a man,” the Mail quoted a friend as saying.

Shilpa Shetty has reportedly already got £3,00,000 for interviews to magazines, newspapers and television.

£10 million baby

But even if the right man doesn't come along, there's much to keep Shilpa busy. She has reportedly already got £3,00,000 for interviews to magazines, newspapers and television. Another £2,00,000 is being negotiated for worldwide media interviews next month.

Shilpa is in talks to star in a BBC comedy written by Sanjeev Bhaskar of The Kumars at No. 42 fame.

There is also buzz that she will be part of the much-anticipated Shantaram starring Johnny Depp, as well as a film based on her fight with the villain of the Celebrity Big Brother piece, Jade Goody.

No fewer than 25 other filmmakers in India, Britain and Los Angeles are said to have tabled offers. There is also talk of 15 companies sponsoring Shilpa in ad campaigns. Four UK record labels are also bidding to sign her up.

Shilpa's popularity is sky-high, thanks to the magnanimity she showed in forgiving her bullies. MPs applauded her in the House of Commons on Monday night.

To a question from Labour MP Keith Vaz, Broadcasting Minister Shaun Woodward said: “I am sure I can speak for all members in the House on congratulating her for an outstanding performance, enduring — regardless of the circumstances — a pretty ghastly few weeks one way or another. She truly deserved to win.”

In Chandigarh, BJP MP Vinod Khanna said the BJP would be happy to have Shilpa in the party.

Goody a ‘pathetic specimen’
Shilpa was shown full footage of her ordeal by the Daily Mirror and was quoted as saying: “I’d no idea it was so bad… Why didn’t someone stop them? She also said Goody was a “pathetic specimen” who needs professional help but she would still beg India to forgive the Briton”. However, a depressed Goody has scrapped plans to travel to India.

Shilpa also said: “I'm not excusing what they did. I can see why people felt they had to stick up for me. And I am proud Asians, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims have come together… What those girls did was wrong but I would not like to say they are racist.”

First Published: Feb 03, 2007 20:05 IST