Relationship of equals
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Relationship of equals

I endorse Barkha Dutt’s views in US and them (August 25) that the US is being used as a punching bag by the Left without any rationale.

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Hindustan Times

I endorse Barkha Dutt’s views in US and them (August 25) that the US is being used as a punching bag by the Left without any rationale. It has little to do with the cowboy approach of President Bush, rather it is more old rhetoric based on blind hate of the US. But when it comes to green cards and visas, the middle-class are the first to queue up. We also proudly flaunt our relationships with NRIs in the US. American goods are proudly displayed in our homes. The good part is that so far we have not ‘religionised’ this hate, thanks to our secular credentials.

Shrikant Jaimini, via e-mail


Our relations with the US cannot be one of unanimity. It is because different people have different perceptions about this superpower and its President. The Left opposes the US because of the historical background and also with our poor people in mind. As far as the nuclear deal is concerned, we should go ahead as it is well-conceived and in India’s interest. It puts us on a elevated position and also gives us the benefits of nuclear technology. But the time is still not ripe for blind faith in the US or President Bush. Let them prove that they need us as much as we need them. It should be a relationship on equal terms.

Madhu RD Singh, Ambala


The us knows that we are the largest democracy in the world and it needs our support. As far as rural Indians are concerned, they want to live with dignity, which is what the government is responsible for, and for which no politics is required. The Left parties’ concern for the cause of the common man is missing.

GK Arora, Delhi


In all walks, we are following the US, whether it’s education or in any profession. Even Indian politics is influenced by Western ideas. Dutt is right that we should leave the past and accept the present scenario, where we move along with them step by step. “We don’t just feel needy, we also feel needed.” We must be careful when it comes to the nuclear deal with the US. It is not harmful to national interest. But we should also take note of the arguments put forward by the Left.

Krishna Bajpai, Faridabad


The well-educated Indian has become more realistic in his approach and has accepted realism as an ideology where matters related to international relations are based on the three pillars of national interest, national security and national power. We feel our interests are similar to the interest of the Americans, so every important deal with the US will bring economic prosperity and increase our status on the global stage.

Pankaj Benjwal, Delhi

Enough of arm-twisting

Pankaj Vohra in Curtains on a compromise (August 27) has intelligently explained the crisis created by the Left on the Indo-US nuclear deal. His observation as to the likelihood of a snap poll to the Lok Sabha sounds very real. He is right in saying that the Prime Minister has enhanced his image by taking a firm stand on the issue.

Manohar Yadav, Alwar

Find a cure

Apropos of the report Ramadoss blames AIIMS administration (August 30), the trouble at the AIIMS has left many patients stranded. While the student doctors were not getting their degree certificates on some flimsy grounds, the strike created havoc among the patients. Ever since Ramadoss became the Union Health Minister and started interfering, the administrative affairs at AIIMS have taken a nosedive. The Prime Minister should step in and reshuffle the Health Ministry.

Ashok Ghosh, via e-mail

Brutal system

Apropos of the editorial Our ugly India (August 30), the effrontery of the two policemen — who tied the alleged chain-snatcher to their motorcycle and dragged him in the street till the latter fell unconscious — should be denounced and they should be dismissed from service. What are the courts there for if the public and the police resort to such heinous acts to punish a culprit? The incident only goes to show that the public and the police are not only becoming more barbaric but also have no faith in the law of the land.

TS Murthy, Delhi

Chak de India

Kudos to the Indian Football team for their marvellous victory over Syria in the Nehru Gold Cup. But it was sad to see that this unparalleled feat did not get enough space on the front pages of newspapers. We should not forget that this is the first victory after 13 failed attempts.

No one remembers when we last won such an international tournament. Now the Indian Football Federation must wake up and ensure that not only are more grants awarded to the team, but infrastructure is also improved by roping in more international stars.

Bal Govind, Bareilly

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First Published: Sep 01, 2007 00:04 IST