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Sameera Reddy says no to skin show

Sameera Reddy does not want to live up to the sex symbol tag any more. Ritujaay Ghosh speaks to the actress to find out why.
Hindustan Times | By Ritujaay Ghosh, Kolkata
UPDATED ON MAR 17, 2008 12:22 PM IST

Actor Sameera Reddy does not want to live up to the sex symbol tag any more. It happened only after she found a mentor in director Buddhadeb Dasgupta during the making of Kaalpurush and Ami Yaasin aar Amar Madhubala. After remaining silent for quite some time, Sameera will do comedies and serious films this year. She speaks to HT City.

You have been missing from the scene...
I have decided not to do anything that comes my way. My fans are going to see me in a serious avatar from now on.

Is One Two Three the beginning of this journey?
This is a year of comedies for me, though, I have quite a few serious films releasing, too. I was tired of doing roles where I had to
show skin.

So, comedy was the best option?
I always wanted to do comedy but offers did not come my way because of my previous image of a hotbod. In this film I have done something that many wouldn’t have dared to do. I am romancing Paresh Rawal on screen…

The promos of Race though features you as a hotbod…
The promos are deceptive and my role is completely different from the others’ — Bipasha and Katrina do a lot of action but I am left out. Anilji (Kapoor) and my roles are based on Karamchand and Kitty, and again that’s the only comic relief in
the film.

Your previous image must have been fetching you enough roles?
It was, but again they were on the same lines. After doing two films with Buddhada (Buddhadeb Dasgupta) I got a taste of serious cinema. I will always remain grateful to him.

But his films are still awaiting release...
I am told that they will release in April and I am looking forward to how I am accepted. Those films have won awards and have been part of many festivals.

You are also playing Sita in the animation film Mahayoddha Ram.
I have never done it before. I am also doing Red Alert, a film on the Naxalite movement alongside Naseeruddin Shah and Ayesha Dharker. These have been my achievements after working with Buddhada.

Will you be acting in more Bengali films?
Not right now, as I am also doing Tamil films.

You even plan to get into production…
Too early to talk about it. It is the brainchild of my sister, Sushama and I will help her out.

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