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Shortcut to God

Negative qualities form a dark ring in person's aura, which prevents God from interacting with him. It is like a dark smokescreen that prevents God's Light from entering.

india Updated: Nov 29, 2003 18:20 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is the most awesome channeled work of Sri Krishna. The prescription contained therein is a way of life, based on spiritual ethic, very simple to understand, even to a layman, as compared to the Vedas and other grand treatises of our ancient culture.

Shloka 29 of the Ninth Chapter explains what a normal human being usually fails to understand. It tells us that God looks at all with the same eyes of love and merciful compassion. If that is the case, we might rightly ask, why then should we be involved in any kind of Bhakti, or devotion? Would it serve any real purpose of making God look more kindly upon us? Would it actually transform us into better-loved beings than we already are? Wherein lies the difference between God's love for the saint and the sinner?

To quote this Shloka:
"I am the same towards all beings; there is no one hateful or dear to Me. However those who worship Me with devotion abide in Me and I in them."

God says that all are equal in His eyes, implying that all He sees in every human is the Soul, which is identically a minuscule portion of His own Energy. Negative tendencies towards being sinners, or doing what goes against the soul-like qualities, are the human part of the entity.

These negative human qualities form a kind of a dark ring in the aura of that person, which prevents God from interacting with him. It is somewhat like putting a dark smokescreen of negativity around the person to prevent God's Light from entering the aura. And when interaction with God is prevented by the human's own doing so, how can he complain that God is kind to the others but not to him?

As water can only mix with water, as oil can only be subsumed by oil, the human must also realize his own Atmic qualities and express them, if he wishes to interact with the Great Atmic Soul of God. Whoever worships God with true Love, becomes a Bhakta, and the Lord always abides in that vibration of Bhakti.

The mind, body and heart of a Bhakta always carries within himself the memory and love of God, not releasing it, even for a moment, out of his consciousness. When this happens, he gets so irrevocably bound up with God, that He abides in that Atma, dwelling only in His essence, drinking only His Pure Love, the eternal unity of Atma and Paramatma takes place.

Then where comes the question of God not dwelling in such a soul? The intertwining of energies becomes an irrevocable Energy of the One. God abides in the soul, and the soul abides in God!

The message is very clear. Do away with all that which causes a smokescreen of negative energy around you, if you wish for the pathway to the Light to become clear and shining, ready for you to step forward into the Light!

First Published: Nov 29, 2003 18:15 IST