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Should you dump him?

Take this quiz to find out if it really is time to dump your boyfriend and move on.

india Updated: Jul 25, 2010 01:09 IST
Hindustan Times

Take this quiz to find out if it really is time to dump your boyfriend and move on.

When you’re not in the mood for sex, your guy is:

a) Understanding

b) Waits for some time and then tries convincing you once again

c) Gets angry

Regarding finances, your guy is:

a) Generous. He doesn’t mind spending on you

b) An equal rights kind of guy. He pays his share and I pay mine

c) A total tight wad. He spends most of his money on himself

Couple FightIf you are really upset about something you talk to your:

a) Partner

b) Best friend

c) An anonymous person

An important family function for you is coming up. You invited your partner. He:

a) Doesn’t want to go but goes happily because he knows it’s important to you

b) Makes up a lame excuse about why he can’t go and says he’ll make it up to you

c) Pretends he doesn’t feel well

Do you and your partner have similar goals and hobbies?

a) Yes. You do almost everything together and have similar ideas about life

b) Not sure. You don’t see each other enough to know anymore

c) No. He has his hobbies and goals and you have yours

Your partner’s ex-girlfriend calls him up to invite him to dinner. When you express your concern, he:

a) Phones his ex in front of you to tell her he is involved with you and declines the invitation

b) Reassures you that he no longer has any feelings for her, yet doesn’t confirm he won’t go

c) Is really not bothered and doesn’t mind going out with his ex girlfriend

Mostly As: Take it easy, girl. He’s the perfect man for you. He supports you, cares for you and understands you. Don’t let him go anywhere.
Mostly Bs: Be cautious, lady. Keep a check on what he’s up to and tell him to mend his ways. But don’t overdo it.
Mostly Cs: Hey sweety, it’s time to dump him forever. That loser doesn’t seem to care too much for you. It’s time to find a new guy!

First Published: Jul 24, 2010 17:21 IST