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Spirit of Mother Earth

Just as the mother's heart feels every emotion of her child, and rushes to fulfil the child's need, so it has been with Mother Earth.

india Updated: Dec 23, 2003 17:31 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

It is common knowledge that our Earth existed long before we, as humans, came down to inhabit it. During those long years of its pre-existence it was being prepared to hold a perfect eco-system that could support the chain of life forms that would eventually become our modern inhabitants.

This happened in the same way, as we have no knowledge of what happens in our bodies from birth to adulthood, and by that I mean, no awareness of how our bodies are changing and growing, through our digestive systems, our circulatory systems our nervous systems, and so on.

All changes seem to take place without our conscious volition, yet they are there for all to see. The symbiotic relationship with the Earth assumes the form of a loving, nurturing, relationship of Mother and Child. The planetary activity works like a framework that is designed to help humanity grow into the new era.

As Kryon says:
"There is an automatic self-balance that takes place on this planet that keeps it moving forward - that nourishes it. This is the balance in nature that you have been aware of only recently, and that you are trying to correct in many instances. You are beginning to recognize this balance as sacred and precious - and you are right.

There are those who would question this "mind of the planet" scenario and ask, "What about all those aeons of times before humans? Where was its mind then?" We'll tell you. This is the sacredness of it, so listen carefully.

Like the meal for a Human that would take days and days of careful preparation - only to be consumed in 15 minutes, the Earth has been carefully prepared for you - very carefully. The balance has been created in a specific and unique way so that you would be safe and protected - so that you could live your lives with a peaceful, balanced atmosphere - so that you could live without turmoil on a planet made just for you.

When it was perfect, and it was right - when the seed biology was given to you - you arrived on schedule. So as you now take your power, which is the next step in the overall plan of you and Gaia, we wish to explain the miracle of this combination that most of you still deny. Some of these things are going to sound mysterious, in fact strange and unbelievable."

Just as there is a consciousness of our Creator within the cells of the body that allowed the human to be conceived, take birth and grow into an adult, in the same way the Consciousness of Universal Creation allowed for this Earth to be our nurturing Mother, in ways you cannot even conceive of!

Just as the Mother's heart feels every emotion of her child, and rushes to fulfil every need that she perceives her child requires, so it has been with Gaia. Her consciousness has been responding to every thought, word and feeling expressed by each and every human being.

How this happens, and what our next steps to correct our own mistakes in misqualifying her beautiful energy, is what I shall explain to you next week.

Excerpt from Kryon VII - Letters from Home by Lee Carroll

First Published: Dec 23, 2003 16:55 IST