Srinagar sex scandal sparks fresh protests

Several demonstrators, including a cop and a TV cameraman, were injured in protests in which a large number of women, children and men took part.

india Updated: May 08, 2006 23:00 IST

Several demonstrators, a policeman and a television cameraman were injured on Monday during fresh protests over the sex scandal that allegedly involved bureaucrats, police officials and politicians.

Hundreds of veiled women, children and men marched through central Srinagarcalling for the government to punish those involved in the scandal that has sparked outrage in largely conservative, Muslim-majority Kashmir.

Carrying placards and shouting slogans demanding "severest punishment to the guilty," protesters broke through police barricades, pelting stones and bricks.

Security forces used water cannons and bamboo truncheons to disperse the demonstrators, said Hasib Mughal, a police officer.

Protesters also forced the closure of shops in Srinagar's main business district.

The scandal was unearthed after videos and multimedia messages on mobile phones showing nude girls and amateur porn films began circulating in Srinagar.

First Published: May 08, 2006 17:30 IST