Stop putting pressure on India
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Stop putting pressure on India

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on his visit to Russia, has done the right thing by telling the Pakistani President to stop breeding terrorism in his country.

india Updated: Jun 17, 2009 23:00 IST
Hindustan Times

Stop putting pressure on India
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on his visit to Russia, has done the right thing by telling the Pakistani President to stop breeding terrorism in his country. The loud and clear message was meant not just for Pakistan but for the US as well. The Obama administration has been putting unnecessary pressure on India to resume a dialogue with Pakistan. Obama wants India to initiate a dialogue. But India has rightly made it clear that as long as Pakistan refuses to help us in our investigation on 26/11, we will not succumb to any pressure.
MC Joshi, Lucknow

Looking for good politicians
This is with reference to Ramachandra Guha’s article A few good men (June 16) where Guha has rightly praised the efficiency and sincerity of five ministers from the past. It was their diligence and dedication that ultimately benefited millions of Indians. It is surprising that a nation with more than a billion people is unable to produce politicians who are as honest, sincere and capable as their contemporaries and who can take up the task of building a new India. Almost all our leaders today work for themselves and misuse their powers. They speak what they don’t mean and vice-versa. It is due to such corrupt netas and the bad name that they have given to politics that youngsters hesitate from entering the profession.
RKMalhotra, Delhi

Ramachandra Guha has written about five good and dedicated politicians from the past. The comparison between them and present-day politicians is revealing. But towards the end, Guha points out that three out of these five leaders were Maharashtrians. This is wrong for we are Indians first. I expect journalists and senior historians like Guha to refrain from dividing our society in this manner.
Shivraj, Delhi

Life on wheels
Life on a Metro by Samar Halarnkar (June 15) aptly presented life in and around metro transit systems in Delhi and Bombay. Halarnkar has correctly stated that Delhiites have got dependent on this relatively new form of commuting. So, they now expect the government to improve the present system and make it more economical and comfortable. But even when the transit system has become a lifeline for millions in the two metros, it is still far from being as advanced as metros in other countries. Nonetheless, it is by far the safest mode of commuting and people should be proud of it.
Hamsa Kohli, Delhi

The fault lies within us
It is wrong for the media and experts to point fingers at M.S. Dhoni and hold him responsible for losing the match against England. We cannot expect the Indian cricket team to keep winning every time it goes out to play. There could be some truth in the allegations against Dhoni and the way in which he led the team on Sunday, but those can wait till the tournament is over and Dhoni is given time to justify his decisions. Also, it is easier for so-called experts to sit inside a news studio and comment on how the team should have performed. But it is difficult to handle the pressure and expectations of millions of fans while playing.
Vatsal Yajnik, Hyderabad

It’s a pandemic, beware
After affecting millions in about 75 countries, the H1N1 virus, commonly called the swine flu, seems to have hit India in a big way now. The number of cases in our country is increasing. Call it the bane of globalisation, but due to extensive travelling to virus-affected areas, the disease is now spreading far and wide. Perhaps the only ways to cure it are prevention and awareness. Central and state governments should take up the responsibility of educating people about how to avoid getting infected. People should maintain cleanliness in their neighbourhood and avoid travelling. Only then will we be able to prevent this disease from spreading further.
Rashmi Shukla, Bhopal

First Published: Jun 17, 2009 22:58 IST