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Surfer's poem: A new day

It's difficult to control your heart, when in such lovely weather you are expected to study hard... writes, Purva Bhatia.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON MAR 23, 2006 12:16 PM IST

It's difficult to control your heart
When in such lovely weather you are expected to study hard....
You want to enjoy and get drenched in the heavy rain
But if you get sick loss of time may give you pain

The setting sun & green trees;
Evening sky & the cool breeze-
All make the evening so romantic
Reminder of the approaching exams makes you lunatic

Veil of fog has covered the entire vision
Exams are near & syllabus needs thorough revision
Birds are singing a melodious song
Economics notes are just too long!
Smell of the earth is intoxicating
Sight of piled up books is frustrating
Nature is willing to take me into its arms
Exam schedule is forcing me to resist all charms

Heart wants to enjoy & have fun
Mind reminds of the syllabus to be done
Mind and heart have started to fight
Beautiful evening soon turned to a dark night
I sat there and wasted all time
Neither studied nor enjoyed the weather so fine
Disgusted- I was,
Decided to sleep....
Pushed those books away
Hoping tomorrow would be 'new' day

Purva Bhatia
Acharya Narendra Dev College

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