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Surfer's poem: Six feet under

Lives like a maze, emotions are trapped in a labyrinth, She is standing on the brink, the brink of..., writes Nupur. Your contribution.

india Updated: Sep 15, 2006 11:35 IST

Lives like a maze
Emotions are trapped in a labyrinth.
She is standing on the brink.
The brink of pellucid waters,
With reeds worrying her feet,
The breeze kissing her brow,
The silent ambience proved garrulous
To her bosom
But How?

She aims for the corals,
She aims for the pearls,
She aims for the shells.
With paucity of joy her visage is gelled.
She wants to plunge into the depths,
Wants her to be decked
But alas!
The possessions aimed
Lie in water
Six feet under!

The spring in the air,
A joy at every step.
She playfully and gay fully
Moves towards her home
But mind, she's not supposed
'To Roam'.
Mother castigates,
Father says, "Move to the gate",
Brother says, "You brazen snail",
Grandma says, "You ought to be nailed".

But her dog licks her on the tip of her nose,
A smile constructs
And her cheeks are all rose.
She wants to protest.
She wants to break he bonds.
She is stuck in the mire and the greasy mounds.
Well, it would be a big blunder,
Her feelings are fettered,
Six feet under!
She is sitting on the bed,
With her bowed head.
With the devious mazes of passion
She wants to build her dream's mansion.
The bangles break on the bed,
The vermilion smeared on her head.
Her spouse treats her as a whore,
She looks at the door.
She wants to run away,
A man big for her age,

She wants to shun in his greedy gaze.
Her lips are sewn,
Her eyes full of tears.
She cries, "Where are my peers?"
She from the gaiety is all-asunder
In the bridal shroud she lies
'Six feet under!

The life in her womb
Choked to its doom,
The blood oozing out
The anguish, she shouts.Then comes the
Eerie silence,
A blue face,
A numb body on the bed.
She is as cold as death.There Fatima lies
In the womb of mother earth,
Now joy is not a dearth.
The squalor has now shunned her.With the soil on, she lies,
Six feet under!

Nupur, Kirori mal college, Delhi

First Published: Sep 15, 2006 11:35 IST