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Surfer's story: Death Showed Love

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a village. These two were woodcutters and... writes, Amandeep Kaur Kapur.

india Updated: May 15, 2006 14:34 IST

Once upon a time, there lived two friends in a village. These two were woodcutters and used to go in the forests for cutting the trees. One day one of the friends asked the other one, "yaar! What is love?" his friend as quite confused but still he answered, "well! I can not explain this word but I can show you that what love is." His friend was quite confused but still he answered," well! I can not explain this word but I can show you that what love is." The first woodcutter said'" Show me, I am glad!"

"I am sorry. Right here right now…I can not show you but someday other I will show you."
With this conversation ended and both went on to work.

One day again, when the two were doing their work, the first person again asked," Bhai! You promised me that you will show me what love is, but you haven't fulfilled your promise." The second one kept on doing his work quietly. Perhaps he had no words to explain 'love' or he did not have an example.

Days and days passed, no one talked again about the example of love. But one day when both the woodcutters were walking in the forest to their work, they saw two deers lay dead on the forest ground.

The first woodcutter asked the other," my friend! I asked you a question many days ago, now again ask you questions that how are these deers dead?" the other woodcutter was shocked by hearing the question. He left the place without answering.

They both walked ahead and found a half broken pitcher which had very less water init. The second woodcutter, understood the mystery and started," you asked me two questions- what love is and how did those two deer die."

"Yes I did!"

"Now the answer to first one, you saw the two deer laying dead on the forest ground, that is love."

"What…! I did not understand."

"… and the cause for their death is water. The two deer were very thirsty but the condition was miserable, they were not able to find water anywhere in the forest. But when they reached that place, they at last found water but it was very less and both of them required drinking it to live.

And with that much of water only one of them could be alive. So the first deer wanted second deer to drink and live whereas the second deer wanted the first on to drink and live.

Both requested each other to drink water so that one of them could be alive. In this period of time, no one could drink water and both died. So, this shows that they loved each other straight from their hearts and the cause of their death was scarcity of water."

"Oh now I understand what love is and the cause of the death of the two deer."
"At last both of the woodcutters went back to their village as it was growing dark and the first woodcutter got his subject related to affection cleared.

Amandeep Kaur Kapur
St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Pub. School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi

First Published: May 15, 2006 14:34 IST