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Surfers condemn Jaipur blasts...

Surfers share their view about the serial blasts in Jaipur and about the limitations in India's security.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON MAY 15, 2008 09:23 AM IST

Jai Singh from Switzerland says:

Indian security has always been lousy, uncoordinated and lax except when it comes to guarding thousands of so called VIPs. Prosecution of terrorists is a joke which can only encourage other terrorists. They can't control unwanted immigrants. How shall they control terrorists?

Ashok Sharma from Bhilwara ( says:

We need Punjab like policy or Islamic law of summary trial and execution for all the people involved in terrorist activities. Government should not treat them as guests in jails and feed them rather government should form a act to shoot them after a summery trial.

Manish Sharma from Anantpur says:

Yes, but this question is significant for us, not for our "representatives". The opposition parties will put blame on the government and the Govt will put blame on foreign terrorist institutions. And within a week you, me and everyone will forget this incident.

Rakesh Pathak from Delhi ( says:

We are superpower, a nuclear power but anyone from a country like Bangladesh comes , bombs, kill innocent people but we do not have even a strict laws to punish them.

Priyanka R from Mumbai (

) says:

The Govt should have issued a red alert across the country as soon as the cross-border infiltration took place! Naturally, militants will have a hay-day if they have access to India's porous borders. After every blast, our intelligence bureau has only one line to say: "We had received intelligence about the blasts".

Vinod Raj from Puduchchery ( says:

This is nothing to be surprised about. In fact this might become a daily phenomena as we are not giving any punishment to the arrested terrorists, but in fact releasing them. For example in the Parliament attack case, the main culprit's punishment has been reduced.

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