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Surfers pan the former PM's stated intent about quotas in judiciary.

india Updated: Apr 27, 2006 14:12 IST

Even as medicos clashed with police in New Delhi protestingreservation in medical colleges for OBCs/STs and SCs, the story on VP Singh's renewed zest for quotas in Parliament and judiciary had surfers frowning all over.

Here's how it went:

Sashi from Pune was at his caustic best when he said, "Perhaps VP Singh should start by imposing quota on doctors attending him."

Raj from Los Angeles, USA too had similar thoughts. He added his bit.

"Fine, then. My suggestion would be for all those VVIPs who so fervently argue in favour of increased quote, be it in IITs/IIMs, private sector, or now in the judiciary, that they should practice what they preach.

Let VP Singh, Ajit Singh, Arjun Singh and others sign a legally binding contract says that they - in times of sickness, whether mild or life-threatening, will only be treated by Indian doctors who secured admissions to medical colleges through one of the various quotas and that this condition will also apply to their children and their next of kin."

Chandrasekhar from New York posed a question. He thought politicians were responsible for caste flourishing till date.

"When we have reservations to go to a law college I don't understand why do we need them for judiciary? Are they mentally sound? I think the day will come we ask for quota in graveyards too. All thanks to politicians for making these caste system flourish."

Sandeep from New Delhi felt politicians should now strive for 100 per cent reservations, when 90 per cent of the population belonged to this category.

"I think all these jokers of 'reservation policy' who are in politics either ruling the country, in opposition or are generally in hospital should think of 100 per cent reservation to the categories they are earmarking or already earmarked. Why should the majority i.e. 90 per cent of population who have major share in developing the country need just 50 per cent of the seats?"

Venkat from Singapore thought VP Singh was keen on equality of a "different" sort. Here's how he put it.

"Thanks to VP Singh, Indian politicians are bent on keeping India under developed in spite of what Premijis and Tatas want to develop India. VP Singh's politics is to get equality in poverty, not in wealth."

Singapore's Jyoti Swarup too felt, "Leaders like VP Singh and Arjun Singh seems to have only one agenda - how to kill the good name India had created the world over thanks to IIM and IITs. It may take ages for people like Azim Premji and Narayana Murthy to create the good name of the country; but very easily destroyed by traitors like these."

As one surfer, Shweta says,"If you respect life, respect merit."

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First Published: Apr 27, 2006 14:12 IST