SurferSpeak | Salman deserves it

Dia Mirza's friendly gesture backfires as surfers rebutt her arguments.

india Updated: Apr 21, 2006 14:02 IST

You see it everywhere. A good chunk of Bollywood seems to be rallying behind him.

Either out of loyalty, fear or moolah, Salman Khan seems to riding on a sympathy wave. Many feel he is unfairly victimised.

The five-year sentence is a little too harsh, say many. His brother has gone on record asking why is a case being made out of his bhai.

Well, continuing in the same vein, actress Dia Mirza wrote a article in our paper. She draws a comparison between Salman's case and Jessica's. And gets panned for it.

Surfers snub her outright. Sorry, there is no comparison. Salman is guilty. He is a spoilt rich man who, in a drunken state, has even killed a person.

Let's see what they have to say.

Siva from Tokyo, Japan didn't find it funny.

"How could this illogical babble enter into a newspaper column? If we do not know how a penal system work, better not criticise it," was his very caustic remark.

Inderjeet Singh from New Delhi reasoned so.

"Dia Mirza is putting her personal relationship with Salman Khan before the law of the land. Salman may be most kind hearted with her family but it has nothing to do with his blatant violation of law of the land.

"Personnel sentiments cannot and should not be considered while giving the judgement. Dia is also trying to portray as if everything is riding on Salman and industry will collapse if he is not acquitted for merely killing the black buck which is very minor offence.

"I feel that Salman Khan who is convicted in two such cases and many such cases were dropped against him for lack of evidence, clearly prove that he is a habitual poacher and hence deserves the punishment he was awarded. He is also on trial for other criminal cases."

Gurudutt from Vadodara thought so.

Sandhya from Mumbai put it rather well.

"One wrong cannot justify another. Arguments in favour of Salman Khan are all baseless. Rather than taking Jessica case as an example to support Salman, his case should be taken as example in Jessica’s case that if celebrities are not able to escape law no one can."

Kaveesh Chawla from Sunnyvale, USA made a point-by-point rebuttal of Mirza's argument.

* "He is a kind-hearted, generous man. He saved my mother’s life. He is also human and fallible." The fact that Salman Khan is a generous man has nothing to do with the crime he has committed. His punishment should be judged according to his offence.

* "Case in point: the dismissal of the ban on dance bars in Maharashtra by the Bombay High Court." Dance bar ban has nothing to do with this case.

* "Think about the Jessica Lall murder case. Nine accused were acquitted." Just because a few rich people went scot-free in Jessica Lall case doesn't mean that every rich offender in India should be let off.

* "What of the socio-economic consequences: the money riding on films and the families dependent on these projects?" Let's accept for a moment that Salman is being punished more severely for being a celebrity and the judge reduces his sentence tothree years, will the films he is involved in not be affected?

Navneet from Boston too had harsh words for Salman.

"Aren't we missing the point here? "Warm hearted" Salman Khan has killed an innocent animal, which besides being morally wrong is also against the law. If the courts have taken action against him - good for the courts - at least this shows that the judiciary is working in our country. I don't care whether Salman is a celebrity or not - he is a bad man and needs to be punished."

But it isn't as if she didn't have takers.

Hyderabad-based abq, "Sometime back the RSS mouthpiece printed a front page photograph of Hrithik Roshan, saying that he is a Hindu actor challenging the domination of the Muslim Khans in the film industry. Maybe Salman Khan is a victim of such distorted thinking."

Siril from Kochi came to her support.

"I respect your words. But you must remember Salman Khan earlier drove his car over few people (he was drunk), who were sleeping on the footpath. He was not convicted in that case. So I feel God has convicted him this time. Yes, you are right, the judge wasn’t good in giving the judgement (five years for killing a deer)."

Right or wrong ... keep debating.

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First Published: Apr 21, 2006 11:07 IST