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SurferSpeak | This New Year I won't...

Our surfer talks of six ways to make 'easy to evaporate' resolutions work.

india Updated: Dec 26, 2006 17:13 IST

What's your New Year resolution? The thought of New Year resolutions conjures up different feelings among different people. Some doubt the significance of resolutions in real life, while others doubt their ability to stick to their own resolutions. Some feel disappointed about their past experience of making resolutions, while others feel ever more tempted to make bold new ones.

While you may be thinking of leaving this ritual to others and be content with welcoming the New Year without trying to delete or add to your portfolio of habits, think again. It's a three-in-one opportunity.

First, there is no other time of the year when the whole atmosphere is so conducive to forget about work and everything else, and instead, relax, reflect and look forward. The window of opportunity is small, however. Once the New Year becomes a day or two old, the mood to think about resolutions will most likely evaporate.

The second aspect of this opportunity is about making a connection-with ourselves. Whatever be your New Year resolutions, if you look closely, they tell you something about your deepest desires, which often remain subdued under the din of daily life.

When a smoker thinks, "I should quit smoking," it reflects the heart's longing for a better future. If not for the ritual of making resolutions, we would continue to smoke, drink, gain weight and avoid exercises without a yearly reminder that, deep inside, we don't want it all.

The third aspect of this opportunity is something that we normally like to avoid, but also enjoy it: a challenge. Who would dispute that making New Year resolutions is a risky venture with odds not in favour of the resolution makers. Yet, isn't it fun to sometimes check out how much control we have over ourselves?

So, are you ready to make at least one New Year resolution? Here are six ways to make your resolutions stick to you.

Ask "why"
Resolutions made hurriedly in a sudden rush of inspiration often get forgotten even before the New Year becomes old. Making resolutions should not be an event; it should be a process involving reflection on the past and some dreaming about the future.

What would you like to be different in the coming year? But more importantly, why? Asking "why" is critical because when our mind and heart resonate for some change, that change is likely to be inevitable.

Pen it down
Whatever is your resolution write it down. This seemingly unnecessary and innocent step has the power to give you clarity about the end result you wish to see and leave your resolution etched in your memory.

Once you have decided on a resolution, think about the difficulties and challenges ahead. Imagine yourself overcoming the temptations to break the resolution, doing what you wish to do and enjoying success. Spending some time chewing your resolution will help to prepare you for the moment of truth.

Seek support
One way to make sure that we walk the talk is to share the resolution with someone supportive of us. Not only it will bring much needed accountability, but also when you slip, hopefully not, this person will be there to encourage you to try again.

Dedicate your resolution to someone you love. For example, if you wish to quit smoking, dedicate this resolution to someone you really care about -- your children, mother or spouse. Let your love for them strengthen your resolve.

The last resort
Despite all the determination and efforts, if you fail, do not forget the ultimate key to success: Try until you fail to fail! Got it? Never give up!

Happy New Year!

Atul Mathur is a Singapore-based freelance writer with over 50 published articles and three ebooks to his credit. He can be contacted

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First Published: Dec 26, 2006 14:39 IST