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SurferSpeak: US is feigning ignorance

Surfers say the US should tell Pak that J&K terrorists are not freedom fighters.

india Updated: Sep 28, 2006 18:00 IST

We ran a story which spoke of how the US had asked Pakistan to co-operate with India in fighting terror, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. We asked our surfers if they thought that the US appeal to Pakistan was just lip service.

The feedback was pretty unanimous in that most surfers wrote back to say that if the US really wanted it should instruct Pakistan to act on the eastern front as well as war on terror is concerned.

Here's how the responses went.

Satbir Singh Bedi from New Delhi, India felt the US was merely feigning innocence. The real culprit was Pakistan's ISI.

"The US is acting innocent by asking Pakistan to work with India to fight terror by Kashmiri separatist groups while it fully knows that all these groups have the blessings of the ISI of Pakistan."

"In my opinion not only the Kashmiri separatist groups but the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Jaish-e-Muhammad, the two Pakistani terrorist groups raised and nurtured by the ISI, are also involved in carrying out terrorist activities in India."

"So, the US is feigning ignorance simply to bail out its ally, Pakistan. If it is sincere in rooting out terrorism that India faces, it should ask Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism as well as stop helping the Kashmiri separatist groups."

"It should tell Pakistan to stop claiming that Kashmiri separatist groups are freedom fighters. Only then would its intentions appear to be sincere."

Asha Kumar of New Delhi, India felt since Kashmir was the core issue, India must do what China has done to Tibet.

"Indo-Pak feud is many decades old now. It is also well-known that Pakistan is monetarily and militarily supported by many countries, who are against India, to continue with the feud indefinitely and America is one of them. Therefore, American appeal to Pakistan for jointly working against terrorism is not more than a mere eyewash."

"India is now strong enough economically, militarily and technologically and she shouldn't heed to such fake American appeals to Pakistan. What India should do is to strengthen its part of Jammu and Kashmir both militarily and develop it like China did in Tibet. China has virtually done 'Chinisation' of Tibet and the Tibetans have also willingly embraced the Chinese way of life. It became possible because China made people happy by providing them basic good education, subsequent good job opportunities, affordable homes, good roads, ample food, potable water, etc."

"Most importantly, China connected Tibet with its rail network, an upheaval task, which brought the Tibetans heartily closer to China. Once India is able, I am sure she is doing so, to accomplish such a task, the terrorism in Kashmir will end on its own because the trust of people living there in Indian security system has to be reposed."

"The power of people is undisputedly invincible. Besides, India should create good job opportunities within the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Perhaps, it is doable by involving private sectors. Private sectors may be encouraged to establish their manufacturing units, though small."

"Apart from what has been going on for many decades between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, I am unable to digest the very fact that when India has world's second largest Muslim population, on what basis Pakistan wants it to be a separate country or part of its own territory."

W Hill from Hyderabad, India thought asking Pakistan for help is like asking the neighbourhood thug to change ways.

"This is with respect to the comments of the US as given in the article: work with India to fight terror: US asks Pakistan. This piece of advice is like asking the neighbourhood 'Jack the Ripper' to ensure safety of people in the neighbourhood."

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Sep 28, 2006 11:43 IST