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Sweet daddies

How much does the ?Like father, like son?? adage apply to city chatteratti, finds out Team HT Live.

india Updated: Jun 18, 2006 00:20 IST

How much does the ‘Like father, like son…’ adage apply to city chatteratti, finds out Team HT Live.

Gaurav Prakash & Chandra Prakash
My father has taught me to respect myself and others and of course the A-Z of business. No MBA could have given me the priceless tips he has. The Generation Gap may be a common problem but never between us. We’ve been friends. He has given me full freedom so that I can share everything with parents and has made me aware of the don’ts of life. He cautions me whenever I am wrong. After a hard day’s work he encourages me to party of course, with the rider to be careful of my health and not indulge too much.

Bobby and Dr Ramakant
The Generation Gap is basically a change of perception. It is obvious that the experience and the expertise of our elders has to do much with the new generation. How you take it is up to you. I am 35 and still remember how my father had made a habit to give me and my sister Pooja every day to discuss human values and social realities. The generation gap is also because of the difference of the intervening years. Tradition and culture have changed and we became more liberal. But parents and particularly the father remains an epitome of God. It would have taken us a lifetime to gain those experiences, which came to us very early through him.”

Ashish Amal and Jagdish Awasthi
We both being poets of ‘vir raas’ compliment each other. I owe everything to him as I have inherited poetry from him, you can say. He has always corrected me but when we had some differences on some writing issues and when things become hot, mom would settle the dispute. I am more commercial and in today’s technology savvy age I got more popularity but he, despite his low profile, is always way above me. The only confrontation we have when he tries to impose his decision on me and scolds me in front of everyone without thinking how embarrassing it can be. But he is father and does everything for me only, I understand.

Charanpreet Bagga and Rajendra Singh Bagga:
My views with papa are similar on religious issues, business matters. I follow whatever he proposes in business matters or in religious ones. He is a man of vast experience. But we certainly differ over late-night parties and card parties. He is totally against all these things but I, somehow, manage to attend these parties. Also, I differ with him on waking up early! I just don’t seem to be able to do it. Papa is man who is respected by everyone in the city so naturally, I have to fall I line and make a compromise on all the issues. But, I admire him.

First Published: Jun 18, 2006 00:20 IST