Talk tough, act tough
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Talk tough, act tough

Tarun Vijay in Talk tough to tackle terror (May 22) is right in stating that India must be firm while dealing with Pakistan.

india Updated: May 24, 2009 22:49 IST
Hindustan Times

Talk tough, act tough
Tarun Vijay in Talk tough to tackle terror (May 22) is right in stating that India must be firm while dealing with Pakistan. The Indian government has always had a lax attitude to the Pakistan crisis. The ISI and Pakistan-based extremist groups take it as a sign of our weakness and execute their evil plans every now and then. When it comes to terrorist attacks, public memory is short. Be it the Mumbai 1993 bombings or the 26/11 terrorist attack, we have allowed time to heal our wounds. If we do not talk tough or act tough now, there is no way we will be able to put an end to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism on our soil.
Rajiv Chopra, via email

No scope for ifs and buts
Apropos of the report Blood thicker than alliance (May 22), Manmohan Singh has silenced all those who considered him a weak Prime Minister. By keeping all the ‘tainted’ ministers out of his cabinet and not succumbing to the DMK’s unreasonable demands, Singh has made it clear that he won’t give people any opportunity to criticise the government. His decision to go ahead with the Indo-US nuclear deal even when the Left was against it also showed his resolve, something the Opposition chose to ignore. This time around, the UPA has can act the way it wishes to. We hope that the PM continues to stand by what’s just and right in the next five years.
H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore

It is wrong on the DMK’s part to blackmail the UPA government only because M. Karunanidhi wants his family members to be a part of the cabinet. The DMK is acting selfishly now and isn’t realising that it might have to pay the price in future as it depends on the Congress for its supremacy in Tamil Nadu. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is right to keep tainted ministers out of his cabinet. The DMK should now understand that its political gimmicks would only arouse resentment in people who have voted for a stable government this year.
Abha Sharma, via email

Manmohan Singh should not yield to any pressure from the UPA allies. Both Karunanidhi and Mamata Banerjee are making unacceptable demands. Even if one of the allies pulls back support, the UPA still has many other parties to ally with. At a time when a stable government has been elected and it is genuinely thinking about public welfare and national development, one expects the allies to extend their unhindered support to the Centre.
TT SAKARIA, via email

More marks, more trouble
This is with reference to the report CBSE toppers may put DU out of reach for you (May 23). An increased average percentage in class 12 exams this year will make it difficult for many children to find admission in colleges. Anyway our theory-based education system doesn’t prepare children for the future. Children from economically backward families cannot afford expensive tuitions. As a result, those who score less than 60 per cent find it difficult to get admission in reputed colleges. This affects their career in the long-run. The government and the CBSE should understand that by liberally distributing marks, they are in no way benefitting children.
C.P. Hariharan, via email

We need leaders who work
This is with reference to the article Keep the rogues out (May 21) by Kumkum Chadha. There is a reason why people did not vote for senior politicians like Lalu Prasad, Ram Vilas Paswan, Jayalalithaa, Mayawati and the like. We are tired of their tantrums and casual attitude towards development. They should understand that cracking silly jokes, raising their own statues or nepotism will not impress voters. So, when voters have given their verdict, the UPA should also respect it and keep these leaders out of the cabinet.
Arti Rai, via email

First Published: May 24, 2009 22:46 IST