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Tarot forecast for Libra

Jan 06, 2004 03:25 PM IST

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for those born under the sign Libra.

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for Librans:

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'Adjustment' symbolises the Libra sun sign in the Tarot pack and expresses qualities of justice, balance, and adjustment. It also refers to lawsuits, trials, marriages and treaties etc. Being a Libran you are highly creative, aesthetic and sensitive by nature and constantly make adjustments to maintain balance of Yin (receptive) and Yang (dynamic) energies.

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You gain health and vitality through Yoga and healing techniques and feel more relaxed this year. Travel and communication expand your horizons. You make an important journey in July and a business trip in December. You may buy or sell land or property and redecorate working and living spaces. You resolve practical, financial and business matters efficiently.

Old habits and addictions like smoking or drinking can be kicked. Beware of over indulgence in food, drink, work or sleep. You have the will power and energy to shatter old patterns, limitations and transform diets, schedules and attitudes. Avoid mental tension and anxiety as they can lead to health problems.

Invitations to social and professional meetings are worth exploring. Freedom, originality and simplicity with an ethnic touch are the key points of your garments and fashion statements this year.

'The Hierophant' or Guru takes you through 2004 with a variety of learning and teaching experiences while you play the role of consultant or advisor to others. You deal with eventualities and unexpected situations with your balanced perspective, positive approach and clarity of vision. You are earthy and practical in business matters.

You are appreciated and felicitated in professional circles. You resolve problems by communicating with the right people and discussing matters rather than arguing to get your point across. Buying or selling property and financial investment is gainful. Read the small print at the bottom of the page before signing on the dotted line.

You meet challenges, professional hazards and blocks with inner strength, intelligence and determination. Your ability, patience and wisdom are tested when blocks come in your way. Ultimately victory is yours in any battle as people realise your talent, charisma, sincerity and expertise. Drop comparison and rivalry as they lead to a feeling of inadequacy and tension.

You bring peace and harmony in the family with your wisdom and patience. New experiences deepen your understanding and relationships. Romance flowers into love and commitment given freedom and space. Children do you proud. A temporary conflict helps to clear the air and makes for better understanding. Family and friends want to socialise but you tend to be reclusive.

You may feel disappointed if you have great expectations in friendships. Finally you learn from negative experiences and get on with your life. Love and friendship return as unexpectedly as they disappeared. Enjoy this moment and every moment.

You mature and take responsibility for your actions and reactions. You go deep within to feel your Buddha connection with existence. When you celebrate and meditate you become aware and conscious of who you are and there is nowhere to go but within yourself.

You look into your childhood and recognize the fear of feeling left out or isolated. You stand before a gate that seems to be locked but opens easily with a little push when you discover creative ways to actualise your own potential.

There is inner peace when you accept yourself, your truths, gifts and abilities, as well as your weak points and vulnerability. It's not what you are doing; it is how you are doing it that matters. The spiritual quality of your being shines through in your creativity. You infuse relationships with new vitality and gain insight about feelings, relationships and goals.

A strong spiritual influence of a Guru or enlightened soul leads you to meditation and higher levels of consciousness. You arrive at a point of integration and stability.

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