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The dialogue

Either Tata or bye bye.

india Updated: Sep 07, 2008, 20:20 IST
Hindustan Times

The nano’s finally decided to exit West Bengal?
Whose grandmother are you talking about?

Not nani, the nano, the Tatas’ one-lakh car which has been stalled by Trinamool Congress’ stormy petrel Mamata Banerjee.
Oh, that? But, all this car manufacturing sounds like hard work. I agree with Mamatadi. Let Tata drive it away elsewhere and let’s have a bandh to celebrate.

No, no you simpleton. Budhhababu wants to use the Tatas as bait for more investment. If they exit, it might be curtains for his state’s economic revival.
That’s exactly what we should fight against. God forbid if this Tata guy succeeds, we might have to work at least one day a week. Not for me baba. Come on, just a little hartal for old times’ sake.

You have to get out of this mindset. We are in economic overdrive. If you’re not productive, you fall by the wayside. You can’t get away schlepping around twiddling your thumbs. I say, crack down on all these agitations and let the Nano roll out.
Mamatadi says we are all foot soldiers. We would not be seen dead in a Nano. That is the vehicle of the filthy capitalist. Why, she won’t even change saris, let alone think of buying a car.

She is a trouble-maker. She has done nothing for the state except to put up roadblocks every time the Chief Minister tries to get it moving.
Obstruction is our birthright, and we shall have it. Are you by any chance an enemy of the people, or worse, in the paylist of Ratan Tata? We know how to deal with such people.

Well, I’m shivering in fear. But before I am beaten to pulp, I still want to know why she is wittering on about 400 acres of land. Even the farmers’ whose cause she has taken up couldn’t care less.
That’s not the point. She has taken a principled position and she will only budge when the last red is dead.

Red? I thought we were talking about Tata.
Sorry, got to go. Ta-ta, I heard that a rasta roko is happening in Singur, sorry Nandigram, sorry, some place I don’t know. But I must go anyway and join Didi’s protests.

Don’t say: Nano will be the new autorickshaw
Do say: The small car is a giant leap for mankind.

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