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The faith rap

God-loving, not god-fearing is how Shilpa Shetty defines herself. Brushing aside the temple brouhaha, she talks karma...

india Updated: Aug 08, 2009 23:44 IST
Malvika Nanda
Malvika Nanda
Hindustan Times

What’s your idea of God?

God is omnipresent, he’s a force above us, he’s the creator of my destiny. I’m someone who is God-loving and not God-fearing. I know that I’m God’s special one.

Do you make a distinction between religion and spirituality?

I lay more emphasis on spirituality than religion. I’m born into Bunt community; I’m a Hindu by religion. But I’ve lived in front of a church for 20 years of my life and have woken up to the church bells. I used to walk up Haji Malang which is a mosque. I have great faith in Jesus Christ, Mount Mary. I’ve also walked up the steps of Tirupati, I visit Siddhivinayak every Tuesday and I also have great faith in the Mahim Dargah. I also believe in the Oneness University which doesn’t believe in any religion at all. You have to have a clean soul and above everything else, you have to be good to get good.

Up close: Shilpa

Shetty with a priest at the Suvarna Temple in Mumbai. AFP

Do you have a special ‘God moment'?
When I won Big Brother, that was a very special ‘God moment’ for me because I had never won anything before that.

Do you feel that something/ someone keeps you protected?
Definitely. I think my parents’ prayers and good karma keeps me

How do you make a spiritual connection at work and in your personal life?
Work is worship. I always gave my work more priority than my family. That was before before I believed in the Oneness University philosophy. But now I’ve realised that you have to value relations more than your ambitions.

Who or what are your spiritual ideals or inspirations?
My mom who has inculcated those values within us, is someone I get my spiritual inclination from. I don’t look for any inspirations, I think my beliefs are my own. I
Initially you follow what your parents tell you to and then you learn from your own experiences. I believe in karma... all that you do, is what you get back in this life itself. My Amma, Bhagwan and my gurus are my inspiration.

Define what ‘happiness’ means to you.
A good tasty meal would make me happy. Seeing a smile on the faces of my loved ones is happiness to me.

What’s your personal solution for communal harmony in India?
I’m not a preacher, I’m an actress. I’d like to answer this question as a human being. I believe that you can’t be judgmental and fanatical as far as religion is concerned, you have to accept it and live.

Do you have a mind talisman?
“Everything happens for the best”. I strongly believe it when I say it.