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The Guru's lesson in abundance: Part II

When Hargopal received the steel bangle called the 'Kada' from Guru Gobind Singh, he was utterly disappointed.

india Updated: Feb 25, 2004 17:21 IST

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When Hargopal received the steel bangle called the 'Kada' from Guru Gobind Singh, he was utterly disappointed. He had expected the Guru to return to him a gift as costly and valuable as the two gold bangles that he had offered the Guru. And here he was being sent off with a very ordinary, valueless steel Kada.

Hargopal's return journey took him to Chamkaur, where he stayed with a devotee of the Guru, called Bhai Dhyan Singh. Very cynically and full of vile feelings, he told him of the story of his visit to the great Guru.

The Guru, in his wisdom had rewarded his pilgrimage for darshan with a steel Kada, without any thought of how much money Hargopal had spent in going all the way from Ujjain, and taking with him gifts worth more the Rupees five hundred, which was a princely sum of money in those days.

Bhai Dhyan Singh's wife was enraged at this callous attitude of Hargopal towards her Guru. She immediately ran to the goldsmith, sold off a lot of her jewellery. The six hundred rupees that she received for it was offered to Hargopal in exchange of the steel bangle which was the Guru's gift to him. She valued the blessings of the Guru truly, and felt she had made the perfect bargain!

Hargopal's joy knew no bounds, for he felt he had been adequately compensated for his endeavours. When he returned home, he narrated the whole story to his father Bhishambhar Dass.

His father was deeply grieved, and saddened that his son would exchange the great Guru's blessings for something so valueless as six hundred rupees. For 'money' was the God for his son, and he could not think beyond material values.

As time passed, Hargopal began to lose heavily in his business. Before long he became bankrupt. His father was pained to see the results of Hargopal's disrespectful attitude in throwing away the Guru's blessings so cheaply. One day his father explained to him how he had created the 'karma' through his own folly.

Both father and son then set out to ask forgiveness from Guru Gobind Singh. On the way they stayed at Chamkaur again, and Hargopal purchased the sacred Kada back from Bhai Dhyan Singh's wife.

When they entered the Guru's Darbar at Anandpur, the Guru, seeing them together, and knowing the intentions behind coming back to him, after learning a lesson in humility, forgave Hargopal, and blessed each one of them with His infinite mercy and grace!

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First Published: Feb 25, 2004 17:15 IST