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The way to God

We are born on this planet to be one with the Almighty. Each soul has to ultimately converge with Him.

india Updated: Nov 26, 2009 23:20 IST
Babita Kejriwal
Babita Kejriwal
Hindustan Times

We are born on this planet to be one with the Almighty. Each soul has to ultimately converge with Him.

For that, we have to be regular in our spiritual practices. Daily meditation, reading and praying are necessary to commune with Him. This path is for the steadfast devotee who does his practices regularly in a disciplined manner.

I read this beautiful story about a young man who was initiated by his guru. In the ashram, he was assigned the job of procuring wood for the kitchen and fireplace. He did this saadhana incessantly with dedication. One day, when he was unloading the logs from his shoulder, a few hairs from his topknot got caught in it. Seeing them, he realised that his hair had become white. His whole life had gone and he had merely carried wood. He thought of all the wonderful spiritual experiences he had hoped for, but he had attained nothing. He started sobbing.

Just as his first tear was going to fall, his guru came to his rescue, caught the tear in his hand and said that even if one tear from a great soul like him fell on the ground, the entire country would have a famine. The guru touched him and he attained cosmic consciousness. This should be an encouragement for all who have lost hope.

One realises God easily through devotion, by constantly chanting His name, singing His glories. Nothing is achieved in the spiritual world without intense longing and yearning. When the mind dwells on God, soaked in His love and his soul becomes restless for God, He attracts the soul towards Himself. Through earnest prayer, one receives the grace of God and then ultimately realises Him.

Any efforts in worldly pursuits may not yield results according to our own karmas. But even the slightest of effort in the spiritual path gives us much more than we expected. The reason being that compassionate God wants his true devotee to complete the cycle of birth and death and attain enlightenment.

First Published: Nov 26, 2009 23:19 IST