Those sinister celebs
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Those sinister celebs

If you can't join them, beat them with your moral stick. That seems to be the least tricky way of handling one's attitude towards celebrities.

india Updated: Oct 30, 2006 00:35 IST

If you can’t join them, beat them with your moral stick. That seems to be the least tricky way of handling one’s attitude towards celebrities. In the latest chapter of ordinary folk berating the Beautiful People, brows have been furrowed and lips have been curled after Hollywood star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly applied for a baby from an Indian orphanage.

Jolie, who is open about her desire to adopt children from all over the world, has faced criticism in the past for going on a children-collecting spree. One finds very little reason to find anything wrong in her wish to create a ‘rainbow family’. She has the money to provide them a home, and a quite good one, we should think. She also has the right reasons to adopt children — something that we would not have been so sure about if it was, say, Michael Jackson.

When celebrities do good, the natural reaction from hoi poloi is to try and sniff out a nefarious reason for their acts of goodness. This is helpful, but only until a point. That orphans need a good home and loving parents is something that no one will argue about. So if people with the wherewithal provide these children love and home, that is all that matters. Jolie being a White woman from America picking up Third World children to play Mother Goddess, or her being a Hollywood celebrity adopting an Indian child to score social service brownie points — both these points may be true, but totally irrelevant to the bigger fact that she is providing a home to children who need a home and loving parents. It would be better if we, non-celebs, emulate her and make adoptions part of our plans. But then, bitching about celebs is so much more fun.

First Published: Oct 30, 2006 00:35 IST