Time for Bigg Boss aftershocks

The channel is preparing to show us life-after-Bigg Boss ? how the housemates are doing now that they?re all out, reports Poonam Saxena.

india Updated: Feb 03, 2007 08:16 IST

So our own Bigg Boss has finally come to an end. But if you think that’s the last you have seen of the housemates, you haven’t actually reckoned with the Sony bosses.

The channel is preparing to show us life-after-Bigg Boss — how the housemates are doing now that they’re all out. Is Rahul Roy finally getting some work? Can Kashmira Shah ever become a nice person? Will Ravi Kissen get a hero’s welcome when he goes to Chhapra? (Or is it Arrah?)

I only hope that the housemates are not on some kind of parole, and that they won’t be back in their jail next week. But in the two-hour grand finalé, telecast last weekend, the channel assured us that ghar ko lock kar diya gaya hai.

All the housemates turned up for the final episode — Bobby Darling wore a mini skirt that was only a little bigger than his/her earrings, Deepak Parasher disappointed everyone by not turning up in his favourite nightie, Aryan Vaid came shirtless and jobless (“Talks are going on about roles in films,” he said — in Bollywood parlance that usually means, “I have no work”), and Anupama Varma came in a such a clingy dress it looked like it had been sprayed on.

Many of them did item numbers (imagine Kashmira Shah, in a leather thingummyjig, dancing to Crazy kiya re, and you can imagine why I had to dash off to get a strong black coffee), and quite a few had to face some light-hearted but wicked questioning from Arshad Warsi. But it was a racily put together show and more entertaining than most of the Bigg Boss episodes.

Meanwhile, Headlines Today showed us excerpts from an interview Shilpa Shetty gave to an unnamed British television channel. By now, I’m pretty sure everyone in the UK probably knows more about her (“the Bollywood actor,” as she keeps referring to herself, I keep thinking of Suniel Shetty when she says that) than they do about Tony Blair.

And back home, thanks to the wall-to-wall coverage that she has been getting, I’m sure we know more about her than we ever thought was possible (or desirable).

By the way, has anyone noticed how Headlines Today seems to be rapidly transforming itself into Entertainment Today?

The entertainment coverage has increased so dramatically that any day I expect to see Shilpa Shetty reading the news bulletins. The latest on Entertainment, I mean Headlines Today, was Vidhu Vinod Chopra interviewing Sanjay Dutt.

“You are such an amazing actor,” said Chopra. “You are such a fabulous director,” said Dutt. “No, you are really amazing,” said Chopra. “No, it’s you who is such a great director,” said Dutt. “I remember how you did that scene… it was amazing,” said Chopra. “I remember how you made me do that scene — you were incredible,” said Dutt.

I watched the entire interview, incredulous and amazed at the same time. (In case you still haven’t figured it out, Vidhu Vinod Chopra has directed Sanjay Dutt in his latest film, Eklavya, which is going to hit theatres in about a fortnight).

But if you really want to see something amazing and incredible, watch Discovery’s new series titled Planet Earth, which started this week. It is absolutely, utterly spectacular.

The footage — herds of animals trekking through miles of the Kalahari Desert in search of water, Emperor penguins in the Antarctica sitting on their eggs during the long dark winter, packs of hunting dogs chasing impalas in Africa — along with David Attenborough’s superb narration, make this a must-see. Don’t miss it.

And finally. I watched the Republic Day parade on Doordarshan and, much as my heart swelled with patriotic pride, I almost felt like doing bodily harm to some of the commentators, so shoddy was the commentary. Barring Sunit Tandon, who is a Republic Day veteran and always dependable, the rest were embarrassingly bad.

Come on DD, wake up. Even Rip Van Winkle did, eventually.

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First Published: Feb 03, 2007 04:28 IST