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To Goodbye and Goodluck

Excerpts of emails received in response to Sushmita Bose’s final Single in the City that appeared last Sunday.

india Updated: Aug 31, 2008 00:25 IST

Your decision to resign is yours, but that the column won’t come out from next week, makes us feel low.
— Rajashree Mitra Mustafi

My wife and I live in Australia, and read the paper online. Our Sunday afternoons will not be the same. Do look us up if you visit Melbourne.

By the way, you are not pregnant, are you?
—Kevin Russel Jackson

I used to get up early every Sunday just to read your Single in the City.
I have never written to any columnist, but when I read yours last Sunday, I had to write to tell you how awesome it has been reading Single in the City....
Will miss you and your column very much.


I am depressed! Why on earth are you not going to write it anymore?
—Shabreen Nazir

As they said in FRIENDS, when Rachel moved out, and Chandler moved in to stay with Monica, that it is the END OF AN ERA. Single in the City always brought a smile on our faces, and made us realise that life could be so much fun in spite of the mess we always end up in.
—Pankaj Sachdeva

But keep writing. (Redundant advice, I guess. What else would you do in life if you’re a journalist!)

There are some things in life that you don’t want to let go, that become a part of your routine. If not curtailed in time, they become a habit. Single in the City was one such habit. There were times when I couldn’t catch it on Sunday (being the only days to run all miscellaneous errands) and on such days, I would make sure I read it the next day.
In case you have a blog, do mail me the address. Would love to be a part of your writing.
—Garima Batra

I used to read your column to relax. Maybe because I too am a single lady living alone in Delhi fighting with all kinds of dirty people all the time.
I know you may not be having much time to write back. It is ok. I just wanted to tell you that like numerous people out there, I liked your column very much.

I wish you all the best and keep writing. Do convey my regards to your dear parents and my love to your cute little nephew.
—Sushanto Mukerji

P.S. I wont be able to tell u any more about the correct timings of Rajdhani Express from Kolkata
Are you going to be writing for anyone else? I can afford a second newspaper!
—Rory Keelan

Whatever you wrote in all those years were very close to daily lives. The same problems, same situations, and at times, even the same reactions. At times, you were a mirror.
—Prashant Joshi

Oh dear! Why are you leaving? My Sundays will now be incomplete without you. I wish you the best in life.
—Prashansa Taneja

Goodbye — not yet. Want to hear from you more. Maybe as ‘Married in the City’ :-)