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Trans Asian nomad comes to town

Rohit's signature style is his genius. His genius is in his eye for immaculate detail; his knowledge and respect for Indian heritage.
PTI | By Agencies, Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON JUL 19, 2003 11:04 PM IST

Rohit's signature style is his genius. His genius is in his eye for immaculate detail; his  knowledge and respect for Indian heritage.

His skillful incorporation of traditional Indian devices into western silhouettes, and his  fusion of traditional and contemporary India are what have earned him the reputation as one of India's top designers.

In this collection Rohit has plundered not only India's heritage treasure trove, but the nomadic folk art cultures of Asia from the Bosphorus to Mount Fujiyama. His silhouettes,  western and fusion were long and lean, with natural shoulder lines, and slim cut trousers – tapered with the exception of two pairs which gave a nod to the hippie styles of the late sixties with inset contrasting flares.

The show started with a range of lungis in simple neutral khadis with little embellishment. These gave way to trousers teamed with short, slim western jackets, although there was an occasional traditional Indian style to be spotted. The jackets in particular were handpainted in the Madhubani style, embellished with seashells, mother of pearl buttons, mirrorwork and multi coloured tassles. In contrast to the neutral ground the embellishments were predominantly reds and burnt oranges. The result was a rich simplicity. The next range was in broad grey ombre stripes and chevrons. Coats swept long to the calf over lungis and western cut trousers. The look was cool, calm and sophisticated.

The finale was a flourish of vibrant red and gold brocade jackets in western and Indian silhouettes which smacked of India's regally grand past.

Certainly a collection for the confident man, secure in his own global style.

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