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Turning my belief system upside down?

Aug 05, 2004 05:18 PM IST

Mahima Kumar feels that her social circle is shrinking day by day after a reiki attunement. Veena Minocha answers her query.

Mahima Kumar from Toronto, Canada asks...

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My life, thoughts, feelings, everything has completely changed since I have had reiki attunement and I have developed a sense of faith in higher forces that a non spiritualist/nonbeliever would simply dismiss as fraud. Meditating and exercises in your articles have really helped in bringing new meaning to things. Since I have been performing these meditations, I have noticed a decline in the number of people like friends I now have. With some people I can tell who is still sleeping spiritually and unconsciously I don't even resonate with such people. My social circle is shrinking with negligible additions, what can I make from this?

Veena Minocha answers, Dear Mahima, I can see that you have transformed yourself from a non-believer in higher spiritual forces, to one who flows along with them perfectly in tune, so that you are now 'a part' of God, rather than 'apart' from God! And yes, a new meaning to life in general, and to the humans around you who are playing out their 'karmic roles' has emerged, wherein you understand that all life is an illusion, and the reality is that we are actually playing out our chosen parts, the parts that we had all planned to play together, on this vast stage called life! As you change your attitude from 'becoming' your designated role character, to that of being a silent witness to life's everchanging play, you will find the sort of change that that you are feeling now. Earlier, you had to 'respond' to all those people who wished to inter-act with you, now you do not feel the need to do so, as you have gleaned the wisdom that was required from this particular play-acting, and do not require it as part of your life any more.

You have now moved on to a higher evolutionary level, where you will attract and magnetize to yourself only those people who have to help you with your spiritual growth. Please note, it is now spiritual evolvement, rather than 'karmic interplay' which is the leitmotif of your human living. This results in your 'choosing' the characters around you who have been designated by both of you, to make you move along. If you find that you have no 'friends' or 'social connections' left, then this is the right time for purging yourself of all thoughts and relationships which are of no value to you anymore. Please, be grateful for this feeling, as opposed to feeling it as a loss. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, you will also soon fill up the vacuum in your emotional life with beautiful angelic humans, forever willing to take your hand and guide you into the right direction, joyfully and gracefully. Watch out for the signs that will lead you to these human angels, by following your intuition. Never hesitate to go up and introduce yourself to anyone whom you feel has been sent into your life for your growth, or simply to make you a happier person. Remember, a stranger is a 'friend' whom you have not yet met!

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