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When it comes to the crunch, we can’t count on the UPA

india Updated: Jul 01, 2012 22:32 IST
Hindustan Times

When it comes to the crunch, we can’t count on the UPA
With reference to the editorial Steps forward must be bold (Our Take, June 29), I wonder what’s holding the UPA back from rolling out big-ticket reforms. It seems that the prime minister was waiting for the finance minister’s exit from the government to announce that his government is working on reforms so that he can take credit for them. The prices of all essential products and services have skyrocketed over the past couple of years. All this while the government was busy guarding the interests of private companies. Now that the economy is going though a rough phase, instead of taking charge of the situation, the prime minister has pledged billions of dollars in financial aid to some European countries. The UPA seems to have forgotten its responsibilities towards the people who voted it to power. The Congress may have to pay the price for this in the 2014 polls.
Tirath Garg, Ferozepur

The remark could work against him
This refers to the report Back from Pak, Surjeet admits he went to spy (June 29). It seems that Surjeet Singh has made the statement under pressure from Pakistan. However, this remark could make things tough for Sarabjit Singh, another Indian prisoner who’s been locked up in a Pakistan prison for 22 years. Surjeet should refrain from issuing statements which can jeopardise Sarabjit’s release.
Gulshan Kumar, via email

Penalties can be gender menders
With reference to KumKum Dasgupta’s article Oh boy, what a shame! (June 28), the number of cases of female foeticide is on the rise because there is little awareness among people on the issue. Just educating people about the ill-effects of this problem won’t work. The government should also award severe punishment to those who practise female foeticide. This will serve as an effective deterrent.
Naresh Chawla, Delhi

First Published: Jul 01, 2012 22:31 IST