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Team Anna seems to be short on team spirit on many issues

india Updated: Oct 16, 2011 23:10 IST
Hindustan Times

Team Anna seems to be short on team spirit on many issues

The physical assault on Prashant Bhushan is unfortunate and should be condemned (Thrash things out, The Pundit, October 14). But Bhushan and Team Anna must keep themselves away from unnecessary controversies as their mission to force the government to pass an effective Lokpal Bill is way more important. The country cannot afford to have their image maligned nor can it afford divergence of opinion among members of the team while they are on their anti-corruption campaign. Team Anna should refrain from commenting on issues that tend to inflame passions.
CD Murty, Hyderabad

Talking through their hats

The editorial Cut through the cacophony (Our Take, October 14) rightly states that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s dealings with Anna Hazare are far more mature than those of his partymen. Loose talk by Digvijaya Singh, Manish Tewari and Rashid Alvi against the veteran Gandhian has exacerbated the problems facing the UPA government and discredited the Congress in the eyes of the public.
MC Joshi, Lucknow

Life’s just become much cheaper

With reference to the report SC slashes Uphaar fire tragedy compensation (October 14), the court’s ruling is unfortunate. The Ansal Brothers must be relieved to get away lightly for an act of such gross negligence. While the price index has gone up by several notches over the last 14 years, the price of human life has gone down, with the compensation reduced from R18 lakh to R10 lakh per victim.
Subhash C Agrawal, Delhi

First Published: Oct 16, 2011 23:09 IST