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We have to ally with the US

Prakash Shah’s article Running out of ideas (May 8) made for interesting read. His suggestions are valid and practical.

india Updated: May 10, 2009 23:45 IST

Prakash Shah’s article Running out of ideas (May 8) made for interesting read. His suggestions are valid and practical. The next Indian government must make it a priority to engage with the US administration on Pakistan and other issues like the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. If the new government fails to engage with the US government on these two issues, it would hamper our security. New Delhi must also support the US’s Af-Pak policy because our efforts to solve the crisis have failed.

Karan Thakur, Manchester

There’s more to be done

With reference to Ashok Malik’s article All talk, no direction (May 6), it is true that Barack Obama’s first 100 days have not been very successful. However, it would not be wrong to say that the new US President’s efforts have an ulterior motive: he wants to keep his domestic constituency happy. The author has rightly stated that not everything is as successful as it seems or has been made out to be. Charming gestures and promises of change alone won’t help the new US administration. If he wants his long-term plans to succeed, President Obama must translate his thoughts into actions.

Alok Mishra, Jamshedpur

Still trapped in backwardness

The report Apartheid funded by the Indian tax-payer (May 5) came as a shock. It is disgraceful that even after six decades of Independence, this kind of categorisation prevails in the country. Every Indian has his/her own individual identity which, sadly, is buried under his caste and creed. If the school administration, which is supposed to comprise educated and liberal individuals, believe in such horrific practices, the future of our nation is in grave danger.



What will the school management gain from discrimination? Instead, they are only corrupting the youngsters who are either at the receiving end of this malpractice or are witness to it. This segregation will impact these young minds and when they grow up, they will take it as a way of life. This will accentuate the present problem of caste discrimination. The problem has always hindered our nation from progressing. Tough and quick action must be taken against the school and its teachers.

R.D. Bhardwaj, Delhi

All talk, no substance

The general elections 2009 will always be remembered for the wrong reasons. There is hardly any ideology and issue that our politicians are concentrating on. All that they are busy with is the numbers game and exploring the possibilities for post-poll alliances. This has confused voters who want to vote but don’t know who to elect. It is good to be the largest democracy of the world. But it is imperative to go for quality and not just numbers. If our politicians want voters to act in a mature way, we too expect the same from them.


First step against extremism

Apropos of the report 150 killed in Pak fighting (May 9), it is heartening to see that Pakistan is finally making an attempt to weed out extremism from its soil. It is necessary for the Zardari government to ensure civilian safety. Pakistanis have already suffered a lot. Their safety should be of utmost importance.

Raja Sahni, via email

First Published: May 10, 2009 23:40 IST