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'We refuse to judge players in haste'

This week, our surfers are unanimous that they will wait for further proof before condemning Shoaib and Asif.

india Updated: Oct 20, 2006 22:01 IST

“It is a slur on the game of cricket that players like Shoaib and Asif have been caught doping. However, I think we should wait and watch before jumping to conclusions,” said a surfer, Jaya, from Adelaide.

This week, our surfers refused to arrive at a definite conclusion about the cricket doping controversy. All of them were unanimously of the opinion that the players should not be judged too hastily. “They are star players and might have been victims of vendetta,” said Nalin from Delhi, and the rest of the respondents echoed this sentiment.

Here are some of the responses:

Naeem Butt from Stockholm said: “I think both players should get a minor ban for taking drugs unintenionally. Both were recovering from injuries, and using herbal medicines alongwith pharmaceuticals. So the drugs could have been used uintentionally. Therefore, there is no sense banning the players for any considerable length of time.”

Shaya from Panipat said: “Let’s not be hasty judges. A thorough probe has to be ordered and the results verified. Only then can we comment on the situation.”

S. Patel from Detroit had an interesting, albeit different take. He said: “I wondered when I saw Shoaib few days ago on TV, that he had some sort of lean muscle growth substance. He looked huge and muscular and I doubted whether Protein Powder will provide that sort of growth.”

Nafees from Delhi said: “I think people should wait till the final findings come in. It is early to say why they were found positive? But if it is proved that they have taken drugs for performance enhancement then they should be punished and an example set for others.”

The numbers supported this fact. 24 people said they weren’t sure if Shoiab and Asif were guilty or not. 15 people said they were not guilty, while 10 said the players could be guilty.

25 people said the Pakistan cricket team would suffer a big loss without their two star bowlers, while 10 people said their absence wouldn’t make a difference since the team was good anyway. 15 people said the team’s performance at the Champions Trophy would depend on how they viewed the entire doping controversy.

14 people said the doping test results should have been declared before the Champions Trophy tournament, because this would have given the team time to adjust to the shock. 16 people said there was nothing wrong with the timing, while 10 others said the results were declared at the right time.

Our surfers, however, felt a great sense of righteousness. A majority (40) said that the two players should be punished if found guilty. Only 1 person said they were such good players that they should not be penalized. Close behind were 9 people who said a better probe should be instituted before drawing conclusions.

Team Pakistan can rejoice, for all our surfers, without exception, said the image of the Pakistan cricket team had not been affected because of the recent controversy.

Again, the majority (35), said the popularity of cricket had not diminished because of the frequent ‘dampeners’ that happened in the course of a match. 5 people felt the game had lost its spontaneity, while 10 felt that controversies, regardless of the origin or consequence, have always ruined the career of many brilliant players.

So that’s it for the week. Thumbs up to cricket, thumbs down to controversies. We’ll be back with an interesting debate next week. In the meantime, Happy Diwali!

First Published: Oct 20, 2006 17:55 IST