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We value Indians in UK

Indians are influential, innovative and successful, says British High Commissioner Rob Young.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON AUG 15, 2003 07:17 PM IST

Britain prides itself on being a modern multi-cultural and multi-racial society. We believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is to try to make Britain a fairer place; a place where people of every race and religion feel themselves to be an equal part of the whole.

Britain looks forward for a society, which makes a celebration out of the fact that we are multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial; one, which not just assimilates people but celebrates people's differences.

The Indian community in the UK, now touching 1.3 million, is the most prosperous of the major ethnic communities there. They are influential, innovative and successful in business, politics and the arts.

They are a major part of the UK's economy and culture. They constantly rejuvenate the people-to-people links between our two countries.

We greatly value and are proud of the Indian Diaspora in the UK. With our belief in diversity, we believe that it is important for people to retain an affinity with their cultural roots as well as identify fully with the British society.

There is so much here for Britain and India to work on together. A new century, a new partnership, a shared future. The deep affection and fascination the people of Britain have always had for India has never waned.

History, culture, shared interests and values bind us together. Today, Indo-UK relations are strong and confident.  Tomorrow, I am confident they will be even stronger.

(Message from British High Commissioner Rob Young for the Indian Diaspora)

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