What I need is some fun
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What I need is some fun

This was supposed to be my second travelogue, but I abandoned the idea because I’m melting! I thought Mumbai was hot, but … trust me… Jaipur is hotter! Priyanka Chopra writes...

india Updated: Apr 23, 2009 19:30 IST
Priyanka Chopra column
Priyanka Chopra column
Hindustan Times

This was supposed to be my second travelogue… but I abandoned the idea because I’m melting!!! I thought Mumbai was hot but… trust me… Jaipur is hotter! I’m in this beautiful city for an outdoor schedule for my upcoming film What’s Your Rashee? directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.

Just to explain, any trip that is done outside of Mumbai (if you’re shooting a film in Bollywood) is called an outdoor schedule. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are shooting outdoors, but just means that we are not shooting in Mumbai!!

I arrived in Jaipur with my mum in tow! She is here to ensure that I don’t overdo it and follow all the doctors’ instructions. No matter how old we are, I think our mommies will always be looking after us! I secretly made all these plans to explore the city… it has such a great history and so many wonderful places to see. But the weather played party-pooper! So here I was, stuck in the hotel with time on my hand. And when there’s time and nothing to do… Mr Introspection comes knocking. Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what’s happening at that point in your life!

Hmmm, so… I decided to go an a little sight-seeing trip inside my life! Work, love, home, friends, family, fun… each aspect was visited and given the once-over. Some parts were easy, everything in place, and some were not so easy.
Scope for improvement was outlined for each area and hopefully, by the end of this trip, I’ll have an actionable plan in place! The one thing that is topmost on the list is some serious need for… fun.

During and after my illness and stint in hospital, you will not believe the amount of lectures I got and all the advice I was given. So now, I introspected on that and the verdict is that Priyanka Chopra needs to have some more fun. The summer’s here and I’ve got some days off (hopefully!) coming up. And I’m gonna make it count. Fun is the motto… fun is the plan! If you guys have any ideas, send it to me.

And now, back to the Sister Series. Imran, this is quite a thing we’ve started. The feedback from the readers is phenomenal. I never realised so many people thought the way we did… and I suspect, neither did you Imran.

In the best interest of woman and mankind, Imran and I have decided that we’re going to take this discussions offline (where the bag-beating sessions and man-itching can happen without the world watching!). We’ll be back with our verdict shortly!

Honestly, though ‘Men are from Mars’ and ‘Women are from Venus’, back here on earth we do find some interesting ways to ignore that fact!!! Don’t you agree?

To all of you who have taken the effort to write in to me, I ask for your patience. I’ve been caught up with a lot in the past two weeks but have earmarked some time off so that I can read and respond to your letters. Keep them coming in… they really do motivate me to keep writing every week.

First Published: Apr 23, 2009 19:20 IST